Thank those who presented us with Postcrossing

Hello dear friends of Postcrossing!
I discovered :postcrossing: a month ago and I think it’s absolutely wonderful.I could see the strength of this community recently, when it helped me to support my aunt (

Let me tell you a (very short) story; at the beginning of September I was lost in the Lithuanian countryside, and it was a young student who lived in the area who helped me find my way. Why am I telling you this? Simply because he is the one who introduced me to Postcrossing, and I am extremely grateful to him. When I think that all these years I didn’t know about Postcrossing, it feels strange…

And that’s why I have a small suggestion; why not allow new people who sign up to designate the person who introduced them to Postcrossing, and create a “sponsor” label for the most active ones? This could encourage people to promote Postcrossing and make this community even more alive!
Well, this is only a suggestion, I don’t know if you understood it well because English is not my native language.
Anyway, thank you for reading me!
Have a nice day and happy postcrossing! :writing_hand: :love_letter: :postbox:


This sounds really cool! And props to that lithuanian student.

I’m thinking… how could we do that?
Maybe, we could all get a “host/sponsor code” and if someone creates a new account and, while joining postcrossing from the first time, introduces the code… then this person that the code belongs to gets a badge.

Of course, this is not perfect, since some people could make fake accounts to get the badge.
But some people also make extra accounts so they can get more postcards so… I guess we’ll have to live with that.
Or the badge could be like “on hold” until the person who introduced the code gets their account veryfied. That could reduce the amount of fake accounts.

glad that u found this community. Nice suggestions… Hope will be more merrier with more updates and new stuff. Enjoyed.

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Personnally, I think that the sponsor could get a badge when the person / people he has sponsored have sent a total of 100 postcards (cumulated) for example. This would help to prevent inactive accounts from being opened. The goal is really to make the community more alive, not just to have more accounts.