Thai users, what happens to standard stamps?

I haven’t been able to find regular high denomination stamps for 4 months now. The post office only offers 3 and 12 baht stamps, and because of the language barrier I can’t understand what happened to the 30 baht stamps(

Maybe @tumkrubb can help?

Some minor post office in Thailand has a little kind of stamps. High-value definitive stamps are also hardly to find. It’s quite a problem of postcrossers in Thailand.

Last October, I heard that Thailand Post issued the additional printing of Thai Pavilion definitive stamps. 30 baht stamps (2nd printing) issued for 160,000 stamps only.

If you want some high-value definitive stamps, I recommend you to buy these stamps at Sam Sen Nai Philatelic Museum (BTS Saphan Kwai Station). They have some stocks available for these stamps and another series of stamps. I bought them 2 weeks ago.


Understood. yes, six months ago I could easily buy ordinary stamps, now I have to put a huge lot of beautiful stamps on a postcard. And thanks for the tip, I’ll go to the museum this weekend

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