[Thai] For Thai postcrossers

Hello friends!
I recently moved to Thailand and have some misunderstandings with Thai postal system. I send 2 postcards from Bangkok and stamps costed differently. In one place it is said the price depends on a size of a postcard. But in other one they claimed it is up to destination. Please, explain this staff to me. Thank you very much!


You can check this Wiki page for postage info:

This was the last pricing my Thai friend sent me

Hope that helps

I am in Thailand right now and I found two prices: 15 Baht or 45 Baht for a card to Europe. I cannot find out of the price changed from 15 to 45 Baht ? Seems a big price step….anybody know it for sure? And can I buy stamps in 7 / 11 ? They don’t speak english where I am ……I bought cards yet, but no stamps….Andrea

It is 35bht for postcards size 105mmx148mm
Bigger sizes are 40bht.

@swong Are you able to advise the postage fees for TH? Thanks

The postage rate has been changed this year. No more THB15 rate.
@sheandherpostcards was right.

The international rate for a postcard smaller than 105x148 mm is THB35 worldwide.
Larger than 105x148 mm to 130x180 mm is THB40.

No stamp available in 7/11. You can buy the definitive stamps at most post offices. If you want more beautiful commemorative stamps, try larger post offices such as Central Post Office or Sam Sen Nai Philatelic museum.

Hope that helps!


Thank you for all the Informations ! Now I know what to do and what to buy. I will try a post Office in the next town! Already found postcards:-) ….thanks !!! Andrea