[TESTSTATION] Playground - Test all functions of the forum

Thank you but still don’t get it, I’m gonna ask my daughter another time.

I will explain it step by step. It’s really simple once you understand how to do it!

  1. Open the website with the postcard you want to show
  2. Navigate to the address bar (red circle on screenshot above)
  3. Copy all the text there (the URL)
  4. Write your forum post as desired and paste the previously copied URL on a line on its own (without any other text before or behind the URL)

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Thank you for the effort in helping me out, but I’m hopeless I think, or too old🙃 I need real life help, but I appreciate your kind help. One day I will come back!

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No, you aren’t. You simply need a more detailed explanation than people more used to this kind of stuff. If you tell me at which step you have any problems, I’m more than happy to help :blush: I’m very patient in explaining!


When I open the website there is no address bar

Are you using your phone or a PC / Laptop?

My tablet, I go to the official Postcrossing website and I go to the received postcard but I don’t see the address bar at the top

I have no idea how I did that and where the other 2 pictures are…


On a mobile device (phone / tablet) it might be neccessary to scroll up, until the address bar is shown again. It is often automatically hidden to give more reading space.


And how to hide a large link under one word? For example, favorites, if you click on this word, a link opens.

No nothing, so sorry but I get fed up now :frowning: I need a alcohol drink right now!
I’m going off line now and when I get the good result once, I let you know!
Thank you so much for your patience and help.
Have a nice weekend and happy World Postcard Day!


In the reply window, click on the “chain” sign:

A pop-up window will appear, you paste your link in the top one and the word/sentence you want to be clicked on, in the bottom one:



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@delenn_mir Thanks a lot, I did it!!! :heart:


The link for the 1st picture was uncomplete and with an empty space that did not belong there


and I completed it now …20220703_151614|340x340](upload…

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It looks good now!

I did it once and it looked horrible but half an hour later I went back and it looked great. I think it just takes time to load behind the scenes …

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Hello @Inesainesa! You need to insert the photos between the < div data-theme-tiles=“1” > and the < /div >. I did this with one of the photos in your post so you can see what I mean. You can edit your post and move the other photos in the same way.