(Temporarily Closed) Love Your Location - Postcard Giveaway

Postcard Giveaway - UK & Ireland Only!

Hi all,

I have been a keen customer of Love Your Location postcard packs, primarily the artists Dave Thompson and Stephen Millership art postcards, but other artists including National Railway Museum Posters.

Of course, these postcard packs come in packs of 6 & 8 and seem to accumulating piles of postcards that seem to go unused.

I have a arranged a few mixed random bundles of 6 or 8 postcards, that I wish to giveaway to fellow British Isles Postcrossers (UK, IOM, Channel Islands and Ireland)

*Please note the only International destination I am willing to post to at the moment is the Republic of Ireland

Thank you.

  1. Katiemmj
  2. Jobloggs
  3. Simmo11
  4. Hst43277

*Round Two February 2024

  1. RyanR
  2. EmmaG
  3. Simmo11
  4. Natea

I would love to take a random bundle off your hands @Maddymail! 🩵 add me to your lucky dip!

Thanks so much @Maddymail for this very generous offer! I love these artists too, the travel poster style cards are wonderful and i wish they did packs of mixed cards rather than several all the same! Please can i join your giveaway? :hugs:

Ooh can I have one please? Thanks Mark :+1::+1::+1:

Fab offer from a very generous guy :slight_smile:

Tagging @MoominMog

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Giveaway Temporary Closed.
I will message the above shortly



Re-Opened :postcard:

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I would love a postcard, thank you Mark :slight_smile:

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That’s really kind, thank you :smiling_face: if the offers still open I’d love a bundle please @Maddymail x

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I’d love one please Mark if possible.

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That’s really kind of you Mark, can I be included at all please?

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Hello all, I have added you to a list, will prepare cards and will update you all shortly when ready to post :smiling_face:


@RyanR @EmmaG @simmo11 @Natea
Envelopes will be in the post on Monday & Tuesday for you all :postbox:


Thank you ever so much!

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Thank you @Maddymail very much appreciated x

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Thank you very much :smile:

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Mine arrived safely today, sincere thanks again @Maddymail

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Hi @Maddymail, my cards arrived today, thank you so much, they’re great :blush: (loved the Queen handstamp too :heart_eyes:) x

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My cards have arrived and they are great, thank you.

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