Tell us about your favorite postcards

I am waiting for photos and interesting postcards

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It will happen soon. Sadly it may take a little longer to get going at the moment. Only advice I can give is use your full 5 sending slots as fast as you are able that will help get returns heading back to you.

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Yes. As Tesc said, send as many as you can. It does help. When I first started, I would send ONE, wait for it to be delivered, and then wait until I got mine in the mail, and then send the next ONE. This community encouraged me to go all in and trust the system. I’m still fairly new (6 months or so), but I try to send one or two each week now, so that eventually I’ll be receiving them at about that clip. Happy Postcrossing!

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thanks for the tips

The other suggestion is to start doing direct swaps, tags, lotteries & round robins on the Forum.

Many, many Postcrossers have gotten involved in the Forum exchanging or winning postcards while waiting for those first official cards to arrive.

You can learn a lot about postcards, stamps & make new friends & it helps pass the time. You get more postcards & you learn patience waiting for our postal systems to deliver our cards.

TAGS are very easy to do - pick a theme you like & tag someone & send them a card & someone will tag you back & send you a card soon.

There are many LOTTERIES to play as well although you may have to play a few before you win - look for the ones for new members too.

And you can offer DIRECT SWAPS to people or respond to their offers - all of these will get more postcards coming your way while you’re waiting for your official cards to arrive.