Tampa, FL Meetup January 14th 2022 at Winter Sunshine Post Card Show

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Tampa, FL
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Tampa Stadium Hotel, Lakeside Event Center, 4750 N. Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa FL 33614
:calendar: DATE: Friday January 14th, 2022
:alarm_clock: TIME: from 11am - 1pm
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN: Sign/Stamps Postcards. Postcards discussion about the last postcard you received! Or any postcard you bring.

We’ll have meetup postcards to share. (Thank you Tona) You can also bring stickers, stamps, and postcards to exchange or give away to fellow Postcrossers.

*Mask are recommended


I’m really looking forward to this meetup! I’m coming from the Panhandle, near Destin, and this will be my 2nd meetup. I want to host one where I live!

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yay see you soon! :star_struck:

Oh I sure hope you do. I’ve been wanting to go to a meet-up but I have awful luck with them getting scheduled the same weekends as my military duty weekends. But if any pop up between New Orleans and Destin/PCB, I am going to try to come!


I’m so excited to meet whoever is going!

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I am going!! So excited to find out about this :slight_smile: I live about an hour from Tampa

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yay, see you there! :star_struck:

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yay see you there :star_struck:

hope you can make it! :star_struck:

Is it weird that I want to fly down there from Chicago to attend? January in Florida sounds soooo nice!


Hello Ericah, you are welcome to jon us! :star_struck:

Hello :star_struck: Happy New Year! Can I ask for an exchange postcard?:pray:

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Yes! I’ll send you one! :star_struck:

Hope you tomorr :star_struck:ow!

Have fun!
Best wishes from the panhandle. I’ve been sick all week; Not going to be driving the 6 1/2 hr drive to the show/meetup.
If anyone cares to send me a card from there though, I’d love that! (Just pm me for address)
May the sun shine on your adventure, and should any of you hop over to Orlando after, may I suggest a scoop of Friendly’s buttercrunch icecream. There’s nothing quite like it with hot fudge sauce. Mmmm. (I wish there were a closer Friendly’s to me, but most are north by Atlanta and up to New England.

thank you! I hope you feel better. And hopefully you’ll make to the next one!
sending PM

So how did things turn out? Weather good? How many showed up?
Yes, perhaps one day I shall meet some of you. That would be nice.
Btw, I’m feeling better now, thankfully.

Thank you @Mali7002 for arranging this and sending me the card, and to all other attendees who signed it. I hope you had a good time and found some fun and interesting cards at the show. :slightly_smiling_face::love_letter::+1:t3:

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Darn I missed this. Hope it went well.

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Hi Tracy, Next one is in April! You are welcome to participate! Post come up soon! :star_struck: