Freak streak… got 5 cards from Taiwan in the last 3 days… any thoughts how big of a chance (or small) this is?

Happy postcrossing,

Don’t wanna burst your bubble, but I’d say it’s not that umcommon. With reduced flights still, some postal bags take their while to be moved. And so the cards from that country from let’s say a week take the same flight.

Also, sometimes the algorithm ‘thinks’ country x or country y should send to you, so your adress is given out there, sometimes more than once.

Still, it’s cool of course, and it improves the chances of consecutive numbers.


I support the point about flights. I always get multiple cards from some countries at once and then none for some time. It was all mixed before Corona, but now you can really tell when a flights from Russia arrived for example.


Recently I got a bunch of postcards (5 or 6 I think) from Spain at the same day. The postcards were sent in November, December and January! And they all arrived at the same day in the beginning of March!

I’ve noticed this phenomenon with my sent cards - around 5~6 of them arrived on the same day in Germany (i use repeated countries option). So I think what others are saying about postal bags/flights is probably the reason indeed.

outgoing seem to be getting delayed