Taiwan 10th Meetup in Taipei, 22, November , 2020

Hello !

We are about to hold the 10th Taiwan meetup in 2020.

We prepared 2 special meetup postcards, and applied for a temporary post office with a special postcrossing cancellation, and a Souvenir Stamp.


Date: 22 NOV, 2020

Time: 9:00~12:00

City: Taipei, Taiwan

Location: Postal Museum (No. 45, Sec. 2, Chongqing S. Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City, 100056, Taiwan)

Activity: Gathering ,sharing postcrossing’s experiences, writing and sending postcards. Temporary Post Office with Special postcrossing cancellation, and a Souvenir Stamp.

Cost: NT$100 (including two postcards, one for each of the two postcards).

Welcome everyone !

Click here to register :


日期:2020.11.22 (日)






I am not able to open the document. Can I still sign up?

The organizer has closed the form because the number of applicants is full. (I am not the organizer, I just post messages on behalf of the organizer)

Ok. Let me know if I can order postcards again.

Is there any chance of getting a card or cover with the special postmark? I am collecting Postcrossing stamps and postmarks… can offer return cards from Germany only at the moment (travel restrictions), but would also re-imburse you for your effort.


@ch_nz I have the second card with the special postmark ( with additional “癸” word on it ; It’s for commemorating use, not for sending ) on the back side. If you are OK with this, please PM me. Thank you ! : - )