[TAG] "Not my US State or Territory"

Hello all!

I would like to start a tag similar to the “Not My Country” Tag in the main forum, but with US states and territories (Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa etc.)

The objective is to tag the person above you and send them a postcard from a US state or territory that you do not currently live in but postmarked from your current location. Don’t forget to direct message the person that you tag to ask for their address!

EXAMPLE: I currently live in Pennsylvania but I will send someone a postcard bought in Maryland or Iowa etc.

This tag is targeted at folks based in the USA but of course anybody is welcome to participate if you live in a different country and have USA postcards to spare :slight_smile:

The first person to be tagged is @wolfshadow424



I will be sending to @wolfshadow424

This is my first one of these!

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Tag @piperwashere

tag @princeofasturias

Tag wormsforbrains

Tag @hootnoodle

Tag @dragonarmy

Tag @wolfshadow424

Tag @FrogSalad

Tag @anon56464277

Thank-you for tagging me

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I’m just now seeing this. If it’s not too late:

Tag @wolfshadow424.

I’m new to the tags, so if this is still open please guide me to my next step.

Side note to Becky: Thanks for remembering to include US territories!!! It saddens me that they’re usually forgotten or left out.

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Tag @johnbradleytlh

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Tag @ellistrations

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Tag @wolfshadow424

Tag @theosprey247

Tag cwolke

Tag @dnrhott

Tag @maami

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