[TAG] NA: Last US National Park you visited

Hello all!

Please send a postcard from the last US National Park Service site that you visited. National parks, national historic parks, national monuments, national historic sites, national battlefields, national seashores… all of the above are fair game as long as it’s administered by the National Park Service (if you’re not sure, check https://www.nps.gov/aboutus/national-park-system.htm).

Instructions: Tag the person above you in the thread and then PM for their address - send them the card. The next person will tag you, then PM you for address and send you a card… and so on.

Feel free to come back to this tag every time you visit a new National Park site!

If you want to go a little extra, you can send a copy of the official NPS map along with your card (see below). Be sure to ask the recipient if it’s OK to send an envelope.

Have fun!

PS - For the first person to join - I’ll send this Point Reyes card (and map, if you want!) -


@swimbikerun I’ll send you a postcard

Hi @BeeJoyful yay thanks for kicking things off!

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I have your address :blush:

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I have your address!

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