[TAG] LouPaper Tag (anyone can join!)

Tag @misslyss with Illinois!

My LouPaper wishes
Rhode Island
West Virginia

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Tag @RhondaLou

Here is my current LouPaper collection

Tag @NAMsMommy

A new LouPaper for my album please :two_hearts:

Tag @dieya

Any LouPaper state/country card from origin for please! I already have CA and NJ :sparkling_heart:

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tag @misslyss with massachusetts

my loupaper collection (cheese board is on the way)

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tag @sarahaeyo with cheese (different from cheese board!)
I’d like lou state/country card sent from origin, please.
Already have: TX, CO, CA. On the way: LA


Tag @verayogi with PA!

Loupaper, what I already have: AK, AZ, FL, HI, CA, NJ, NY, LA, IL, MN, NC, MI, OR, MA, SC, TX, TN, RI, AL, UT, GA, MS, ID, Sweden, , WA, WI; Birds, snail mail, summer, donuts, St. Patrick’s Day, flowers, summer garden, eat drink and be merry, tea, americana

Will DM you!

Tag @katshakespeare

Collection album

Tag @ayellowdaffodil !

Rhode Island. Connecticut
Alabama. Hawaii,
West Virginia,
Wisconsin , Wyoming
Earth day

Tag @RhondaLou

These are the Lou papers ive recd Az, Ma, Nj, Sc, veggies, butterflies, halloween.

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Tag @jennyjennyjenn :sparkling_heart:

Any state card for me except CA, IL, NJ, MA please

@misslyss with AZ :cactus:

Looking for state cards sent from origin!
I already have: AL, AZ, CA, FL, ID, IL, KY, NC, NJ, MT, OH, PA, TX, UT, WA

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Tag @SandwichTeaPostcard with NJ

Looking for spring, spring garden, donuts, butterflies, birds, or some of my missing states: Mississippi, Wyoming, Rhode Island, Arkansas, New Mexico, Alabama, Maine, Maryland, Indiana, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Virginia, Colorado, Georgia, Tennessee, Illinois, Pennsylvania

Tag @virgomar0918 with donuts.
Lou state/country paper sent from origin to me, please.
Already have: TX, CA, and CO. On the way: PA and LA

Thanks. Have a nice weekend y’all!!

Tag @verayogi

My 8-year-old and I swap together. :slight_smile: We have Alaska, Florida, New York, and Texas. And the Winter card.

We would love any of the animal cards - Mammals, Butterflies, Shellfish, particularly.

Tag @julienned with Mammals

A new LouPaper for my album please :two_hearts:

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@dieya - I can send you Idaho?

Something new for my collection

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Tag @NAMsMommy !

Looking for the state cards Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Alabama, Hawaii, Wyoming, West Virginia
Sweden, the different seasons gardens
Thank you!

Tag @RhondaLou with spring garden

I’m looking for Birthday, Americana, Tea, Holiday, New Jersey, Sending love, Global mail, Festive feast, Scotland, Missouri, Nebraska, Montana, Connecticut, Herbs, Winter, Cheese, Halloween, Butterfly, Fish, Beach, Mammals, School, Summer, Birds, Shellfish, Bread, Stars and Stripes, Wedding, Cheeseboard, crystals, Fall, Sushi, flowers , Tomatoes, Summer garden, Winter garden, Spring garden, Hanukkah, Old fashioned, Mint julep, Bloody Mary, Mississippi, Wyoming, Rhode Island, Arkansas, New Mexico, Alabama, Maine, Maryland, Indiana, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Virginia, Colorado
Georgia, Tennessee, Illinois, Pennsylvania please.

Tag @virgomar0918 with LP summer

I need LP state cards from origin if possible,written and stamped

Still need

Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, Nevada, Nebraska, New Mexico , North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, West Virginia, Wyoming