Tactile cards

Hi Everyone
I received an amazing card today. @paoniapeach sent me a handmade card (that she made some time ago and was waiting for the right recipient… me! YAY!!) and I can’t put it down. It is so tactile. It just occurred to me that the usual run-of-the-mill postcards will be read by the recipient but we don’t think of touch. I am sure there are Braille postcards (well, I hope so anyway!) but paoniapeach’s card has really taken receiving a card to another level. PLEASE do not disregard handmade / non-paper / sensory cards. I am trying to figure out the techniques that Susie used in creating this card because I want to use them too! I will be visiting a craft shop tomorrow.
I received a card and a gift today.


Yeah, I can imagine how you felt. - Have received a sensory card (a bought one) from a friend last year as birthday card. A card with felt in bright colours. Love that one too.


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