Swiss post stamps in Lanzarote

Hi, hola, sorry for posting in English. :slight_smile:
I was sold sticker stamps with Swiss Post on it by a souvenir shop. I did not notice that the stamps had Swiss Post on it, instead of Correos or España. Any experience on using these sticker stamps? And where can I find Spanish stamp? There’s a Correos office in Puerto del Carmen, but it seemed close and I thought that I had already bought stamps from the souvenir shop, so I just passed by. Please help!

Thank you in advance, gracias!

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Solo puedes comprar sellos de correos españoles en las oficinas de correos o en estancos. Puedes pedirlos en la tienda on line de correos también
Un saludo

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Thanks for replying. Does that mean I cannot use these sticker stamps with Swiss Post? I bought 20.
Buying online is not an option, I’m afraid. Will only be here for a week.

No, I’m afraid they scammed you. But you have the option of buying stamps in an Estanco. Those are the only places besides Correos allowed to sell stamps. Them all have this kind of sign:

Them all have those brown and yellow colours and that T.


If you bought swiss Poststickers stamps, I think you could post them in the mailbox of swiss post. The mailbox of swisspost, you probably can find it in the same place that you bought it. I know that it quite anoying, but it is the only way to use them. Once, i bought this kind of stamps… and i couldn’t use them

If you would like to buy correos stamps, you must go to the post office. For intance, the Puerto del Carmen post ofice open at 8.30 until 14.30. MONDAY TO FRIDAY.

I hope this piece of advice can help you!
Enjoy your time in Lanzarote.