SWAP US ONLY: Postcard and stationary swap

Hello from beautiful Colorado!
I am wanting to do a swap, with just one person for now from the US. It would be in a 6x9 in bubble envelope. I am offering to create a pack of 10 postcards, 4 washi tapes and some washi tape samples, a mix of sticker decals, sticker sheets and other stationary items (cute paper clips, wax seals, paper, maybe a greeting card or two). I am looking for someone willing to swap the same thing in return- in a 6x9 inch bubble envelope. I will be making the items into a cute pack that will be super fun and exciting to open up and I’d love if someone would do the same for me! Please let me know if interested!


The goodie envelopes are just an example, not the actual ones!

Hello is this still opened???

Hi! It is :relaxed:

I just want to say your collection is beautiful and im learning and growing :sparkles: thanks for ideas and inspo​:heart: