[SWAP & PENPAL] - Request and Offers

As I have noticed that there is no Swap and Penpal topic here yet, I am opening one so that a new topic does not always have to be opened for that.

Please only post offers and requests relating to British Isles in this topic.

Answers should always be sent via PM to keep it clearly organised here.

It would also be helpful if you would remove your posts if your offer or request is no longer current.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

For larger exchange offers, where lively communication is to be expected, you can of course continue to open a separate topic.


Hi! I am a woman from Shanghai, China. Loves postcard writing, photography, pets and Harry Potter, and occasionally plays esports. I am very interested in British traditional culture, and I hope to find someone to introduce me to relevant content. I can also share the culture of Shanghai or other parts of China with you. I have a lot of Chinese postcards of various styles, as well as meetup cards in the Yangtze River Delta (Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuxi, Hangzhou, etc.), but besides postcards, I hope to exchange letters at the same time. I also occasionally like to put badges, refrigerator magnets, tea bags and other small gifts in the envelope. Anyway, I want to find a British pen Pal to share my life with. If you are interested, please feel free to send me a private message!
Thank you :dove:

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Hello! Im located in canada and looking for Irish postcrossers who would like to trade/swap.

Please message me if youre interested!

Hello ! I was wondering if anyone can help me with these stamps. Im interested in them on postcards or on envelopes, but i would like them used.
Im from the US so any stamps that are currently on the usps website I can obtain if you would like a trade. :innocent:


Hallo (shwmae) I am from Germany and learning cymraeg ar the moment. Maybe here is a Welsh speaking postcrosser and interested in being pen pals with me so that I can improve my Welsh skills.

Greetings Christine

Not a Postcrossing issue, but is there anyone in London who would be prepared to post an April Fool letter for me.
I’d get it packaged this weekend and sent to you first class, hopefully already with a postage label on the large letter that needed posting - ready for you to drop in a postbox.
If you would be willing to do this, could you drop me a PM?

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I am in London over next weekend, I can drop it in a postbox 29/30th if that suits? @xxxxyyyyzzzz


Thank you @MoominMog . Ideally I’d have it there a little earlier, so I’ll keep hoping to find someone living in the city. If I’ve run out of friends and acquaintances by Monday, I’ll post it to you first thing.

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This is now sorted. Thanks BI team

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Hello Morning All,

I was wondering if anyone would have the following Stamp and/or PHQ postcards, open to requests.

…and if anyone purchased the recent Dinosaur PHQ cards, would they be willing to part with the Miniature Sheet PHQ card, I do love the art gallery layout of this postcard.

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Hi! Im looking for postcards from Ireland. I would be hapy to swap or just receive. Pm me for my address.

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Good Morning i would be happy to swap a postcard from ireland. Send me a message.

Just a little reminder:

That’s why this rule exists.

Probably not everyone will adhere to it, but as long as an offer is active here, you can write a PM.


I’ve only just seen this but I can offer this stamp

or any of these

The postage has gone up significantly since these were issued, so other stamps will have to be added to make up the difference.

I have some Iron Maiden postcards available, or would you like something else?

Best wishes,


I’d love to find some more female postcard pals around my age (mid-twenties to early-thirties) who live in the UK :uk:

I love to travel and send postcards from places I visit both in the UK and abroad. I enjoy listening to audiobooks and if you like books, I’d love to know what you’re reading and hear your book recommendations. I also like baking and would enjoy sharing recipes. We can get to know each other, chat about life, share our achievements and when things aren’t so good, a postcard may brighten our day :sunny:

I would like to send a postcard every month or so, but know life is busy so we can write to each other as and when we can :postbox: I enjoy decorating postcards I send with stickers and washi tape.

Please send me a message if you’re interested in being postcard pals :postcard: