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Hello!My name is Danielle and I am 31 living in Arizona, USA. I’m looking for a female penpal in Japan. I’m fairly new to PC and have been enjoying it very much so far. I’m an elementary band director and teach instrumental music :musical_note: to young musicians. My primary instrument is Clarinet. You can check out my profile, as I believe they are public (if not please correct me so I can update this post with my interest). Thank you so much in advanced for your consideration! :slight_smile:

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こんにちは。どなたか 銅版画家・山本容子さんのイラストの入ったポストカードをお持ちの方がいらっしゃいましたら、ぜひスワップをお願いしたいです :heartpulse: ご連絡お待ちしています :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I’m an Indonesian girl who is aiming for Japanese scholarship. My favorite things from Japan are Pompompurin, Vocaloid (mainly MEIKO and KAITO), manga, and bishoujo games. I also can write simple Japanese.

I’d love to swap postcards! お気軽にぜひDMしてください🙏

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Hello! Is there anyone interested in swapping 風景印?
I offer the below ones from Taichung, Taiwan. (diameter 4cm) You can have maximum 4 of them on a postcard.
I would like to swap for a 風景印 from your local post office.
Please message me if you are interested. Thank you! :smiley:


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Hi, i would like to exchange postcards with people from Japan! Write to me if you are interested!

Hello @leOREO
Unfortunately, mail delivery from Japan to Russia is currently suspended :pensive:


Offer – Exchange written postcards

My username is bryyo, I’m 36 years and was raised and born in Germany. I do 2D Game Art and Animation and currently re-working on 3 Boss fights for the August Demo release.

I’m looking firstly for 3 or 5 Postcrossers from Japan (raised and born) about my age group (30-40 years) to exchange 1 written postcard either:

  • Every quarter (Example: 1x postcard in June, the next one in September, then in December and so on)
  • Every second month (Example: 1x postcard in June, then August, then October and so on)

I think this is less stressful for all of us. ^ ^

I can offer the following postcard themes
  • Animals
  • Architecture (Buildings, Sculpture), Documenta (14), Serpentine Pavilion (2008, 2017), Photomontage (Köln/Cologne only)
  • Art
  • Blank postcards (white from both sides which I can decorate with washi tape, stickers or drawings from me)
  • Castles in Germany (Brühl UNESCO, Ahrensburg Palace, Neuschwanstein)
  • Cities (Allgäu/Allgovia, Füssen, Munich, Köln/Cologne, Leverkusen [my hometown], Siegburg)
  • Edition Tausendschön (Tausendschoen)
  • Famous People
  • Flora
  • Food
  • Illustrations
  • Inkognito
  • Landscape
  • Re-printed Vintage style
  • Statuary
  • WDR (West German Broadcasting Cologne with postcards about Die Sendung mit der Maus/The Show with the Mouse, Unser Sandmännchen/Our Little Sandman, Die Biene Maya/Maya the Bee)

I can show you all postcards through private message if you want one specific card. If you want to get a surprise, I select the postcard by your Postcrossing wishes/favourites.

In return I’m interested in any postcard from my Postcrossing profile (also favourites).
You can also send whatever you want to show me. I’m not picky.

I write in block letters and decorate my postcard with washi tape, stickers, drawings and stamps.
If you don’t like it, tell me please.


Themes I'm interested in
  • Cooking and Baking (I do a gluten-free diet since 2016)
  • Japanese food, movies, series, anime+manga (My latest manga series I bought was 07-Ghost in 2010)
  • Reading (Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Crime, children’s and youth literature)
  • Tea in general (I prefer loose tea and I drink ANY type of tea. Kabuse-cha, Bancha, Hōjicha and Tencha are one of my favourites from Japan which I buy in Germany)
  • Video games (Nintendo is my favourite company and I raised up with video games of Nintendo. But I also own: Dreamcast, PS2-4, every Nintendo console and handhelds, Philips CD-i, Amiga 500)
  • Writing in general

Please contact me through private message. I will send the first postcard to you. Thank you very much for taking the time to read my offer. :heart:

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wow you like vocaloid too!! can you swap postcards with me? i can draw some^w^

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こんにちは! I’m a university student in Wuhan, China.
I like ACGN and I like listening to Vocaloid and Jpop. If you are interested in great manga, animes, Vocaloid and games please be my penpal.
I like some Japanese writers, including Natsume Souseki and Murakami Haruki. I’m interested in Japanese history, culture, landscapes and daily life.
I’m studying Japanese and want to travel to Japan one day, maybe in 2 years.
Just swap postcards or be penpals are both ok!

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Hello, my username is Chamaedorea. I am 21 years old and live in Germany. But I am Turkish.
I’m currently learning Japanese and am doing a year abroad in Japan from September, so I would like to have a few pen pals from Japan.
I really enjoy painting and love anime and manga.