[Swap & Penpal] Offer/Request topic

I can send a card :blush:
Could you send me the address?

You can also post it here :arrow_down:


Thanks. I had created a separate thread however a moderated chose to put my entry here. I have no idea why they did this they didn’t tell me.

You are looking especially for people from Japan - that’s why I moved your post to here.
And I sent you a message.

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Hello! Just wondering if anyone was interested in a swap of letter sets (1 envelope + 2 letter papers)? I’m looking for sets like this (this is also the type of letter sets that I have):

I have simple style (cute nature designs), Disney, and other characters. Am okay with random exchanges or picking from each other’s collections, and prefer to swap at least 3 sets per person!
Thank you :slight_smile:

Hello. I’m a Chinese male who studying Japanese now. I really want to travel and study in Japan. If possible, you can send a letter or postcard. Looking forward to it. By the way, I love Sound! Euphonium series.

日本の皆様、こんにちは。私は中国人男性です。現在、大学二年生で、北京とあるの大学で勉強しています。私は日本へ旅行や留学を楽しみにしています。 もしよかったら、手紙やポストカードをお願い致します。ちなみに、好きなアニメシリーズは「響け!ユーフォニアム」です。

Greetings to all participants. :slight_smile:
I would be glad to exchange postcards, letters or even small parcels on a one-time or permanent basis. :slight_smile:
Maybe someone is also interested in manga or anime themes.
Glad to communicate. :slight_smile:

Hi! Anyone would love to have suprise swap postcards? Message me :grin:

Wow you like Hatsune Miku too!!! I love Vocaloid and I’ve been listening to them for more than 10 years :sob: :heart:

Hello! I’m a university student in Wuhan, China. I’m self-learning Japanese currently, I’ll be appreciated if you can help. I like Japanese animes and comics very much, I draw and write fanworks, sometimes cosplay. I love Vocaloid music and I want to go to Magical Mirai one day. I’m planning going to Japan this or next year.
Pleaaaase chat with me if you are interested! :smiling_face:

Hi! I am looking for a pen pal from Japan. I would be happy to exchange postcards, tell some stories from my country and maybe become friends. I am waiting for a reply :slight_smile:


Hello everyone,

My name’s Vasiliki, I’m from Greece and I live on a greek island. I’ve been studying japanese for many years, but had to pause active studying because of studying for another language, and I really think I could use some practice for writing and expressing myself to get back in the game. If anyone is interested in receiving a card/letter from a greek island, I’d be happy to swap with you!
Thanks very much!

こんにちは !

*Edit : 06 april *
Dear Japanese Postcrossers, thanks to your kindness my friend will receive several postcards. I responded by PM, a big thank you to to all participants for your generosity :two_hearts:. My request is now closed

Hello dear Japanese Postcrosseurs
I don’t know if I’m in the right place and I hope my request is not inappropriate. Please forgive me if the topic is inappropriate :pray:.
I have a friend whose dream is to one day go to Japan, and she is very interested in the culture of the country. For the moment it is a project that she cannot carry out. I think she would be very happy to receive a postcard from Japan, and I would like to surprise her :sparkles:.
I know she watches a lot of videos about Japan, and that she likes Japanese cooking
I think his preference would be a landscape, maybe a photo rather an illustration, although it is not obligatory.
Or something you would like to share about your country.
Would a Postcrosser be willing to send him a postcard and maybe talk a little about what’s on it or about Japan?
In exchange I would of course send you a postcard and according to your preferences, I could make you a personalized offer.
In the meantime here are some cards that I have among others.
If anyone is interested, I also just ordered the stamp for the Paris Olympics and can send it with this postcard.

Thanks for reading me.
Happy Postcrossing everyone :postcrossing: !


My offer

"Editor Cartes d'Art /Paris

France and Castles

"Cats by Severine Pineaux




That’s a great idea.
I’ll be happy to send a card to your friend who loves Japan :blush:
PM send

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