[Swap & Penpal] Offer/Request topic

This is a request, offer, & penpal topic.
Anyone who wants to swap Japanese specific things with Japanese members or to have penfriends living in Japan can post your requests and offers here and don’t have to open a new topic.
You can use either English or Japanese.

Please indicate clearly whether it is a request or an offer.

Communication takes place exclusively via PM so that everything remains clear.
Please update your post regularly and delete it if necessary.

Please check Postcrossing Postal Monitor and check Japan category. And be sure you can send mail to your country from Japan.
Currently we cannot send postal mail (both airmail and surface mail) to several certain countries due to this pandemic of Covid-19.
And we can send only surface mail to several countries, but it takes 4 months or more, and have a risk of lost.

(合意前に必ずPostal Monitorをご確認ください)

日本の方が海外に向けてSWAPやPENPALを募集する場合は、これまで通りInternationalの”Trades, requests and offers category”をご利用ください。


Would love to swap postcards from people in Japan, please if interested message me and I’ll send you my address.
Thank you :blush:



I’m living in Switzerland and would like to trade postcards with Japanese people, as I’m currently learning Japanese, I’m really interested in this country and I’ll also use this opportunity to force myself to practice kanji, as for now I can speak a bit, but can’t write at all as I’m too lazy to practice seriously writing.
So even though I’ll do my best to write to you in Japanese, as I’m using a translator for most of it, forgive me if there are some mistakes.




Hi everyone
I am Maciej from Poland, currently living in Germany. I am looking for someone who would like to exchange a package (some sweets, tea, something interesting, or whatever) I offer the same set and there can be only German products, Polish from my homeland or a mixed package) I know that such shipping is quite expensive so I propose a package up to 2 kg and some contractual price limit, e.g. up to € 20 + shipping cost. I think it could be an interesting experience and maybe some interesting new contact or Instagram follower. Of course, the post is as serious as possible and I hope for a response from determined and responsible people.


I would love to find some Penpals. I love to swap hand letters and if we swap letters for a while I don’t mind swapping some items latter on.

I’m 29 and have been pen paling since 19. I live in the U.S.A. with my boyfriend and husky. I love reading and all things books. I also like art and painting. Anyways I would love to be penpals with anyone just dm me.


Hello :slight_smile:
I’m looking for a Japanese PenPal to exchange letters and cards and make some swaps :slightly_smiling_face:
I went twice to Japan and started to study Japanese 2 years ago.

I’m a 33 years old French girl and I love ready, sewing, knitting, coffee and Japanese tea, hiking and of course postcrossing :slight_smile:

Feel free to DM me if you want to know more about me or if you want to be my penpal :slight_smile:


Hello, I’m looking for a penpal for direct swaps.

I’m 32, have many space postcards as I live near NASA and would love to send them. I love to crochet, skate, and currently work for a local bookstore. Please PM me for my address.


Swap request:

Hello, I’m Kanishka from Kolkata. I’m a great fan of Japanese anime and its car culture.

Would like to swap cards, coins, banknotes, matchboxes, newspaper stamps and anything related to anime.



Hi! My name is Ekaterina. I live in Russia. I really like the culture and traditions of Japan. I will be happy to make pen pals to exchange postcards and souvenirs.


Dear @KattyVrn right now the postal connection JP → RU is closed, so Japanese users sadly wouldn’t be able to swap with you (check postal monitor)

Postal Monitor tells the air mail route from Japan.
Sadly surface mail is also suspended this year.

I have no confidence whether it will work, but maybe “via Belarus”, “via Hong Kong” may help deliver postcards.

By the way, it is really sad that mail JP-RU has been suspended for such long time.
I wish it can be restored quickly.


Thank you very much. I did not know. I saw that you can send mail to Japan from Russia. So now it is impossible to send from Japan to Russia.:cry:

Hello! I saw your post, and I really want to be your pen pal

Hello. I’m an Italian (from Rome) living in Germany since 2012. I’d love to have penpals from Japan. I’ve been learning Japanese since few weeks, so I’m absolutely beginner of this beautiful language.
Anyone interested? I can speak Italian, German and English. Thanks in advance.
Serena :blush:


Hi,i am a student from China.i want to find a penpal in Japan .We can talk about our life ,hobby and etc.
If you are intersted ,please contact me .thanks.

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Hi! I’m a student from Poland and I’m looking for a penpal for direct swaps.

I’m interested in Japanese culture, I like anime and Japanese books too. I want to know more - talk about interesting books, films, culture, fashion, music. We can exchange coins, sweets and of course words :slight_smile:





Hello there!

Anyone wants to receive Japanese-themed (mostly touristic view cards) postcards sent from UK? I am an almost 36-year-old Japanese female currently living in UK and I have a massive pile of those cards with me, which I had stocked up when I was still in Japan.
Would be nice if I could receive a card from you as well in return, as the postage here is rather expensive.
Please DM me if you are interested, so that we cound arrange a swap!

I’m also looking for a small number of new penpals,

Thank you and Happy Postcrossing!



はじめまして♪ Nice to meet you! ペンパルやポストカード文通友達を募集します!:sunflower:

ディズニーとか、占いとか、かわいいイラストとか、かわいいキャラクターとか好きです♡ 日記に書くことや縫いすることも好きです♡

英語を書くもOKです! I’m happy to communicate in English as well!


Please U2U me if you are interested! Happy to exchange postcards or letters🌻