Suspended country


New to postcrossing and writing from Costa Rica. Recently I was assigned to send a card to China. When I checked with my post office, I was told Costa Rica does not send mail to China(currently).

I’ve looked around briefly for what to do and not quite sure. I message my recipient but believe I need to update the postal monitor to correct this in the future.

Does anyone have any ideas on what to do?

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Welcome to Postcrossing! This thread collects updates on suspended countries, but they usually require more than an anecdote. It would be a good place to start though!


I’d also let Admin know Costa Rica isn’t sending to China now, so they can adjust the system & let them know you can’t send a card to this person.

You can contact them here: Contact us


It would be great if you check online for information at your postoffice. They should tell about suspended countries somewhere on their website (hopefully).

Please post the information you find there including the link to the place where you find it online to :postcard: Mail Suspension Alerts (the site @pcronn already mentioned).

The Postal Monitor will be updated when some “official” information is being given in that topic.

If you find out that also the website of your country’s post office tells you you cannot send to china, then you should contact the admins about what to do as @LC-Canada told you.

Here in Germany the people working at the post offices often don’t know the latest changes. Maybe China was suspended from your country before and now that changed, but they didn’t know?

Latest information about Costa Rica was posted here in that topic:

China was not in that list. So please post in the topic that the postal monitor needs to be corrected!