Surprise "Smash Hits"! ✨

You know how it happens…

You click “Send a Postcard” and draw the profile of a wonderful Postcrosser. You read the person’s interests and wishes; they seem nice! But…you don’t have a postcard that really aligns with what they like. So you do your best to choose a nice postcard, write a friendly message, and hope they like it. :crossed_fingers:

Or: The profile is minimalistic or completely blank! You have little information to work with, so you do your best to choose a nice postcard, write a friendly message, and hope they like it. :crossed_fingers:

Hurray! :partying_face: Your postcard has arrived…and the Postcrosser LOVES IT! :sparkling_heart: They have never seen such a beautiful postcard! Your message has touched their heart! Your stamp choices were exactly what they desired! It’s going on their wall of favorites immediately!

Your postcard–whose appeal you doubted when you sent it–is a SMASH HIT! :sparkles:

Have you ever sent a postcard that you never expected to be so popular?


Why did I know that it was one of your topics just by reading the title? :smiley: :joy:

To be honest, I often am surprised when people send me a looong thank you message. Like the ad card for our local tram I sent a few days ago which was loved by the recipient. I guess some people really like trams. :smiley:



Because I can’t help myself when it comes to caps/italic/bold format? :sweat_smile:

I’m guilty of sending very (sometimes very, very) long thank-yous! It probably overwhelms the sender!


I’ve sent postcards that people had liked, but I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a “smash hit” so to speak. Most likely, my skills at interpreting other people’s profiles are still pretty rudimentary.

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I once received a message saying: “I’m in Postcrossing because of such postcards as yours” and legitimately cried :heart:


Yes, it happens pretty often. Sometimes people look really picky on the profile but they actually like a lot more things, and like them more than you expect. I really like that.

It seems to happen more rarely with the blank profiles, at least in my experience/from my memory, they often are minimalistic in their thank yous too.


That’s got to be one of the few I forgot to take a picture of!

I got the profile of someone who travelled a lot in the US and was looking to expand their travelling. Wanting tips about amazing places and to get to know the people and culture.

Unfortunately due to lockdown our local museum where I get postcards of our local 16/17th century mansion that has a nice story, was closed and all other cards already sent.
So I took a gamble and send a folded card (!) with a 17th century painting depicting Dutch winter landscape (wind mill, people skating, flat land etc). The fact that it was a folded card meant I had about 4 times more space than usual, so I was quite elaborate on wind mills and how we all go crazy when lakes start to freeze over and that it didn’t happen for a long time, but I had sweet childhood memories.

The card traveled for about a month and just when I was cleaning my ice skates after a weekend of natural ice fun (country indeed went crazy ;)), I got the hurray message with the best compliment up to now:

“I wish every card provided as much detail about their country as your postcard” :heart:


Not too long ago I was given the profile of someone who requests postcards with scary, creepy or strange images. I had this one postcard sitting in my stash for quite a while that always made me feel uncomfortable it might hurt some feelings when I send it. This time I dared to send it and the recipient was over the moon and complimented my choice with the words: “… you really read what I like…” She then continued to tell me that this card was one of her favourites and that she was going to display it on her living room wall. It took a load off my mind!


that is funny i have never seen anyone want scary lol i have lots of animal post cards so i send someone a post card with there fav animal iv also like it when people like not the normal

I haven’t receive Hurray messages so moving about my postcards, but I’m the one that always write a long paragraph to say thanks about the card received and also, about the message the sender wrote to me.

I always hope to put a smile on their faces while they are reading my Hurray message.


I’m sure that you do! :blush: It’s customary for people not to respond to Hurray! messages, so even if they don’t reply, you never know whose day you have made better! :sunny: