Suggestions-Can we send pictures when writing(&replying to) Hurray(or every) messages?

Hi postcrossers and dear staff,
I’m wondering if it’s possible for us to add pictures(optional of course) to the hurray message?
The reason is, it’s possible that the receivers may want to show the sender what the postcard looks like when it arrives(and it can be used to check the stamps). It’ll be helpful, for senders, to think about what to do when he send the next one (e.g. the stamps are not complete, so the sender will consider using the glue, and will consider using less stamps when not recommended by the receiver in their profile).
And then I’m wondering if it’ll be possible for every postcrosser to send pictures in private messages, for the potential direct swaps.
(The image page is a different thing, it’s about what the sender and receiver want to show to the page browsers)

Yes this was exactly what I did in my practice, but I think the receiver may easily skip this link( I usually write, in my hurray message or the reply to them, a paragraph or something, not only one sentence or two).

So it’s my suggestion, thanks for the information and I’m not that good at technical things, just the feelings I have when postcrossing.(And it’s sad we can’t have pictures to see what pc cards look like after such a journey, directly)

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Haha, pcers’ ideas do vary. The situation you mention is quite possible, and I get no idea how to deal with that either. But I do hope sending pictures directly. It’s part of the joy.

While I understand your suggestion and I think in some (rare) cases an added picture could be helpful to explain something I must also say I might have a look at the picture but I’m also quite sure I wouldn’t follow any advice about “better mailing next time”.

I’m someone who is into snail mail more than 30 years and sent mail in countless ways to a lot of country. A lot of people over here are snailmailing for such a long time. If a stamp really falls off or an envelope wouldn’t stay closed then it is not because I regularly make mistakes and need an advice but because the used material was too old or from bad quality or simply because my brain was out of order in that moment. And, the most common reason, the sorting machines went nuts. But that’s nothing where a picture could help.

It may also be a way for some users to send nsfw pictures to children.

Nevertheless I prefer to keep it simple: If one thinks there could be a repeated problem they could simply upload a picture to a photo cloud and send the link to the user. Then the user can decide to follow the link or not.


Sorry to ask, but whats a hurray message? :smiley:

The message you get after the recipient of your card register your card. It is sent to your email account.

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Haha same here! I would not at all be impressed with hurray instructions to " think about what to do when send the next one" omg :crazy_face:

A very few times I may have wished for the opportunity to include a picture in a Hurray, but then I’ve done as has been mentioned here, i.e. uploaded the picture elsewhere and sent a link.


I don’t need any photos like that, because this is about one time connection with someone, with mail that isn’t handled similarly every time in every place, maybe something was damaged because it happened in the receiving end, not because what I did?

Also, I have different cards, different stamps, different pens, glues etc. I don’t remember, and I’m not going to think or make notes what pen and glue I used, what stamp (if it fell).

You know, sometimes when you walk the same path and do things the same way every day, different things still happen, it’s not up to me mostly, or what I do has not much importance of what other things happen around me, or to my mail.

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I think it would not be very useful to have pictures in the hurray-mail. Because it could easily overload an email-account.
You can words to describe, what you want to tell.


Keeping those NSFW pictures away from children is a great point!
I’m into crafts and things alike, so I tend to take the whole process of postcrossing in the same way. To see the received and sent cards in picture is also great joy to me.

I wouldn’t use the pic in the hurray message to tell what sender should do next, just feeling happy to show that their efforts do pay, and as a sender I’ll use this pic to take notes, just for myself.
Yeah the link is probably the best way in the current system.

Haha so everyone enjoy the postcrossing, so true

Oh yes it’s a matter of storage as well ! Sometimes words are just not enough…

Thanks everyone!

That’s what people do now for direct swaps - you click on the picture icon on the toolbar in the message box & upload your card images. Sometimes people can’t load an image for whatever reason (sometimes tech issues) or don’t need one, but most of us do it.

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Oh thanks, I forget that we have message function. (I usually use private message button on the profile page and it’s text-only)
And will postcrossers see the notice if they are not forum members?