Suggestion: rankings also for time

Hello fellows postcrossers, I’m here with a suggestion for the official site: couldn’t we have a ranking for the time we are using Postcrossing? Like ranking who’s here since the beginning, who’s just arrived, “oldest and newest postcrossers”… What do you think?
This could be a way for postcrossers that don’t send many cards nor very far (but are consistent and present) to have a possibility to appear at the rankings. To value not only quantity but quality of time :wink:


Hi Luciana!

Rankings are always tricky… I understand they can be motivating for some people, but sometimes they can push towards the wrong incentive (like quantity instead of quality).

In addition to a global ranking, the site also has one for the last 60 days, and one by distance, which you can explore here.

How do you imagine the rankings you’ve suggested would work? How would one go about ranking someone who “just arrived” or is new in Postcrossing? And are there perhaps other categories that could be motivating to rank that would not have a negative influence on members’ activity in Postcrossing?


Hi Ana, thanks for answering!
We have “Postcrossingversary” but newbies doesn’t know this until they arrive at their first year (what is a wonderful surprise when they get to it btw) but having a ranking would somewhat stimulate people to stick, and maybe keep to one profile as in the rules (I’ve seen many creating multiple profiles to have more addresses to pick…)
We could have a normal ranking which you could visualize from old to new or vice versa… And that would let people visualize concretely how many newbies there are (and not to feel alone and afraid) also for the others to visualize “where they are” in Postcrossing History, like a Timeline.
Another idea it’s a colour code for each first year, or a symbol, like a frame around profile picture, but I’m sure there would be more interesting ideas.
I was just throwing my idea here to see if someone finds it interesting or not :wink:

What about a cake with a candle and a number from 0 and upwards next to it? When one reaches the first postcrossingversary, the number will go from 0 to 1. And +1 for each year after that.


And what if they take 1 year or 5 year break?

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Oh I didn’t think of this possibility… :thinking:

I just want to enjoy Postcrossing for what it is, exchanging postcards around the World.

The goal of this project is to allow anyone to send and receive postcards from all over the world!"

I don’t like when things begin to look like a contest. Keep it simple and fun.


There are already rankings,and for quantity, I was just thinking of another kind of ranking that valued permanence at the site not only serial-mailing. But thanks for giving me your opinion, I really appreciate different ways to see the question.