Suggestion of reminder to remove the e-mail with receiver's address

I noticed I had a very old postcard id e-mail, and wrote about this, turned out someone saved all the postcard-id mails that include the recipients address. With me that would mean a database over 4000 addresses.

First I thought, could Postcrossing work without the e-mail, having the address only in the travelling list, and when the card is registered, it would “close”. (I understand in some cases it’s ok to keep the address, in case someone wants to resend for example.)

Another way, perhaps easier, would be to have a reminder in the Hurray (like there is that wish list is only wish list -type reminder under a profile every now and then).

For example:

“This is occassional reminder to be mindful of how much we store others personal data. Now when your card is registered you should/could delete the e-mail with the address to this card if you haven’t already.”

I thought it could be in every Hurray, but maybe then we get blind to it.

Of course the wording doesn’t need to be exactly like this.


Why not setting yourself a periodic reminder in your email client settings? Or on the used calendar app / client?

Some people would keep these emails for their personal statistics and therefore never delete them, regardless of whether they receive a reminder email for it or not.

Others (so do I) go through their emails regularly and delete everything that is no longer needed.

But as long as it is really only a part of the Hurray and not a separate email, personally I don’t care. I read always just the Hurray part written by the recipient and never any other in these emails :woman_shrugging:t4:


Yes why not. Easier with one, from Postcrossing, and it would appear for those too who don’t even think this.

And also I thought this from the point of Postcrossing, because they give the addresses, they have a little responsibility to show they care what is done with the addresses. Of course I understand they can’t control what others do in reality, and already they tell our address is given. I’m happy with that. Which doesn’t mean things couldn’t be even better :slight_smile:

I think this is the part where we should think, we should be able to know where our data is stored, right, we know it’s given to send a card to us, but not for anyone’s other purposes. I can’t stop if someone does this, but a reminder would be a sign that it’s not ok, or the address is not given to store it forever.


Isn’t it both? There is a picture attachment and text in the body.


I’m not trying to change this, I know the address is needed to send mail.

But no one needs to store those address for years, when they only send a card once to this person. In reality the address is not needed to be sent to the person (to their e-mail), but I know this would be a bigger change.

I know many people don’t even think it, and let their e-mail box be filling.

Also, I know if people are to use it wrongly, Postcrossing can’t stop them. They could remind the group of people, who just don’t think maybe it’s not safe to keep those.

I don’t see no harm in such reminder, but good things.

(Yes, team is busy, but this is suggestion, a thought to think about.)

There is no such in Finland for example.

This suggestion really is not about to avoid giving the address at all :hugs:

I actually sometimes print the emails off, and keep for reference, but every so often go through them and shred, because I am meticulous about shredding all personal information, never just bin it. However, I also currently keep details of peoples’ addresses, in a paper address book, as I am one of these people who likes to surprise those who have sent me a postcard, with a birthday card at a later date, if the birthday is recorded on the postcrossing profile. Most people send a very surprised but happy thank you message, and this has also on a few occasions ended up with a continuing correspondence I thought this was a kind act, and I like to be kind. Do people feel I am being a bad person doing this, and shouldn’t do it? That would indeed make me very sad


I think you are talking about different thing. If they sent a card to you, you don’t know their address. Either you then asked it, or they wrote it to their card, maybe even in hope for response.

I have to comment this, because if it makes you very sad, it does, others don’t have to keep you happy. Don’t put others responsible of your possible sadness. If it makes you sad, it’s not others fault. I had a stalker who used the exact same type words and guilted me of making him sad, because they only wanted to make me happy and they thought they are only being super kind.

In this suggestion I’m talking about the e-mails with addresses that are given to you when you send the official Postcrossing card.

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