Suggestion - Deselecting Countries

Hello Friends,

I’m suggesting that we should have an option to Deselect the countries while sending / recieving postcards . That is , If the travelling time is more than usual or the cards getting lost is in high number while cards travelling to a particular country, we shall Deselect the country from the list ( so postcrossing won’t show Addresses of the particular country ).

What’s your view on that?


Although I see where you are coming from, I don’t think it’s fair to deny people whose postal system are slow/inefficient the chance to receive postcards.

When people do such deselection, postcrossers from these countries don’t get to participate as much.
For them, it’s like paying and not getting the item they wanted - not very fair then is it?


This already happens and we don’t have to do it ourselves.
It happened between Finland and Russia. Postcrossing noticed unusually long travel times and cards being not registered, so we didn’t get Russian addresses for a while.



Here in #postcrossing:suggestions it is better to discuss one theme at a time and not to mix up different themes.
Please change the headline and the first post so that it is clear for everbody which suggestion you will discuss here.

By the way, your proposal about deselection of countries has already been discussed several times in various topics.


Because it is clear now that we talk only about the deseletion of countries here I delete all posts that are now off-topic.

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No, thank you. The Postcrossing team can and will do that if needed and their decision is based on statistics and facts. That is enough for me.
I don’t find it fair for people waiting for cards that user could do it themself.
I also feel people would use it “wrong” and deselect the big Postcrossing countries to get more variety and that would make things even more imbalanced.


I’m quoting myself from the topic about temporary suspension of Chinese addresses:

When did we already have this suggestion?

  • The suggestion came up in this topic about the temporary suspension of Chinese adresses because their postal service didn’t function properly anymore.

  • It also came up when Russia started the war against Ukraine, and lots of Postcrossers would have preferred to not send cards to Russia anymore.

  • The suggestion comes up regularly when users complain about getting the same countries (which are very active at this moment) and want to exclude Germany (or Finland, or Russia, or USA).

  • It also came up when the postage in a country got more expensive, because there are countries with different rates for nearby or faraway countries, and people would have preferred getting adresses with cheaper postage.

Never the suggestion was implemented, and that’s good!

Postcrossing is about surprise and randomness, about connecting people regardless their politicians, their religion, their sexual identity; regardless the cost of stamps, or speed of postal service in a country.

And the algorithm giving out the addresses is challenged enough as it is, with the pandemic - induced restrictions. The system would get out of balance if people could choose whom to send postcards to.

So a very firm “No” to this suggestion from me. :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow. That is a really well balanced answer. I agree with you. I have been around for quite a while, so I reconise the discussions. And as it goes, it goes well.

At least you can choose to send to your own country or not.


There is a PRO-selection option available to Postcrossers, found in the choices you make when creating / editing your profile.
Under Postcrossing Options / Preferences, you can click the box that ensures you get cards from the same countries (which are usually the busier ones / faster delivery times):

  • :ballot_box_with_check: Check if you prefer to have several postcards traveling to the same country at the same time. :information_source:

  • With this option selected, your postcards will often go to the same few countries, which are the most active ones in Postcrossing.

I select this box for the first two weeks of each month, to ease the pressure on the algorithm; in this way, I get most ‘sends’ to Germany and the US.
For the last two weeks of each month, I unselect the box. This opens up my sending options to a wider range of countries, which I enjoy. These take longer to arrive, but then I know in the next two weeks, I will be sending cards that arrive sooner.

If the goal is to just have fun with the randomness of Postcrossing, then ignore the box.
If the goal is to just collect a bunch of cards, then select the box to have “cards traveling to the same countries”. You will get more cards, faster.
Additionally, to send/receive even more cards: join some round robins in the Forum, where you are guaranteed many more cards, faster. When you open the Forum page, read the “Welcome” message, which offers guidance on “How To”.
Then, back on the main Forum page, scroll down, click “Games and Activities”, where you will find many interesting and fun activities - and sub-communities - in which to participate.

And — Have fun! :postcrossing:


As @Seracker noted, this brings into question the fairness about the process. Years ago, you used to see people tagging with wording “No postcards from this country/these countries.” The moderators correctly quashed those replies due to their discriminatory nature. I know not an exact fit to Official Postcrossing, but the principle might apply.


Or, you’ll have all your travellings to a “slow” country, and then a mail jam happens, and you will get no cards :smile:

In beginning I think it’s good to send to different countries, so if something happens with some countries mail, not all slots are taken to that. Now that I have so many slots, it’s not so big issue, and I send to repeated all the time.


Exactly. When I had repeated countries switched on, especially in the spring this year (when people in north America and other parts of the world couldn’t send there), a huge proportion of my postcards went to Russia, which is a relatively slow country. @HookedonPostcards

(,I still send a lot of postcards to Russia, but now they’re evenly spread amongst a variety of countries.)

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If you are wanting more variety of nations or faster travel time maybe trades are a better option than drawing officials. You can chose what nations to send/receive and have more predictability; but part of Postcrossing is the random surprise. Personally I would not want to lose this feature.


@Florallle, it seems that because Canada Post has suspended mail to Russia, I get many more German and US repeats. Which is fine. Big countries with lots of Postcrossers.
Have you also noticed that mail delivery everywhere has slowed since before the pandemic? Systems are likely still dealing with worker shortages and even cutbacks.

Yes, definitely. Everything is much slower, this year especially.


Trust the Postal Monitor. Although the United States can’t currently send to Russia. Russian cards have been getting through. A better idea might be to set up a specific intermediate mailbox for each country/state. For example United States postcrossers could send to a German mailbox and it would then be redirected to Russian postcrossers by a third party.

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Hello I See it like you
I select the Option since december 95% US.
Even if I send card in my own country Germany and selectes it.
Its happen all around the clock.
I tried it even in the middle of the night.
Soon there will be 100% on my stats I guess

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Are you sure you haven’t ticked the send multiple cards to the same country option?

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Living in Ukraine, I personally found the urge for deselecting countries by my side.
Russia killed my Postcrossing activity twice, but I still want to continue postcrossing with the rest of the world - alas there is no option to deselect Russia from the list. At the moment I consciously increase the number of ‘lost’ cards whenever I see Russian recipient, but I believe there must be a better solution.

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Hi Ludmila, welcome to the forum!

People in Ukraine have not been receiving addresses in Russia (and vice-versa) since February 2022, because their countries are not exchanging mail. If you received a Russian recipient since then, that sounds like a bug — you should report it here.