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To whom might concern,

This suggestion due to a school project, which causes me to be under pressure. I am a high school student. So sorry for my poor English (That isn’t my native language)My teacher told us to use this system to send a postcard and receive one from others. This might seem easy when there is no pandemic. But, when COVID happens people seem to stop sending the postcards. We are in a lucky country that COVID doesn’t impact us a lot. But, those situations above cause us lack of postcards. Not receiving a postcard might seem OK from those people who don’t have to write homework, but for us is important. Here is my suggestion, to make this process easier I would like to invite the teacher involved this system. And create a verifying system for teacher’s qualifications. That the school teacher manages the student’s account. And if the class ended teachers will have the right to delete the accounts. But, teachers do not have the right to view student’s addresses. This system can make a promise that everyone can receive their postcards. And don’t have to worry about not receiving any postcards. If this works, this will make students and teachers have a better days. (Especially student)

Yours sincerely,

Lapsang Sounchong

To me, this an issue you should take up with your teacher, not with postcrossing. I can’t see that there’s anything postcrossing can do about this, sorry.


And just FYI: People haven’t stopped sending postcards. They are just not sending them to Taiwan because a lot of countries suspended their mail to your country. Have you checked which countries you can even get mail from? Maybe you should look them up and then talk to your teacher and try to explain why his task isn’t accomplishable at the moment.


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Just for form’s sake, @_Hawkwind_, that should be “his or her”, in these gender-awareness-times. You never know, someone might get upset or something.

I keep reading the original post…as far as I know, A member of postcrossing is A member. All accounts are just accounts (leaving aside the tiny number of Mods). I can’t ever see postcrossing getting themselves involved in checking teachers’ qualifications > giving them the “right” to delete other accounts, and how would that help? The more I read this the more confused I get. :puzzled:

Their task. If you are schooling someone, do it right …


I think the way these teachers use Postcrossing is not necessarily the best way (seems to happen a lot in Taiwan, where there are a lot of student accounts with low activity). Since the official Postcrossing activity is very much based on randomness, it is not ideal to have homework attached to it. An arranged swap with terms that suit the class (classes, if they swap with another school) would be a lot more beneficial, I think…


I have sent cards to a few group accounts that belong to classes/schools. Children send the cards but the teacher manages the account and registers all the cards received. But if all the students must send and receive cards within a certain time limit, then a direct swap between two classes might be the best option. That could be more fun to the students as well, receiving mail from students living in another country. I have heard of classes exchanging mail on regular basis, not only cards, but drawings, letters, newspaper clippings, photos…Some do it as a group activity, sending mail from class to class or each student gets a penpal to correspond with.