Students World AIDS Day project

Hello Everyone! I have been doing postcrossing for 3 years, and recently became active sending on my own and swaping. I am looking for members to offer to have cards send to them for this project. I will be adding the addresses after the cards are written and I will be the only person in control of them. THe cards are designed by my students and other students will be writing them to draw awareness around AIDS. Please let me know if you can participate and how many cards you are willing to receive. I ask that you confirm when you receive them (I will put my user name on them) and if you want to write something back please do.



I’d be willing! Any amount of cards is fine :slight_smile:

I’d like to receive 3 please!

Hi Sara
Nice Project.
I teach Community Medicine at Ayurveda Medical College. I collect Medicine themed cards.
I would be glad to receive these cards.
If there are more than one design then one of each please.
If they can write about their viewpoints about AIDS it would be great.

there will be 4 designs

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PM sent.

I didn’t see anything from you Julia

Nice project
I would love to be apart of that eeserach team

If they could actually travel, our country would’ve very nice for a case study

Interesting project and weldone. I own a medical clinic so post cards will be very useful to help sensitize my clients about AIDS which is a major threat in my country. We can receive about 5 cards. Thanks

We could really use more people participating! We have 2600 postcards being made!!!

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I’d be interested in receiving the postcards!

Awesome. PM me your address and how many cards you are willing to receive. We have 4 designs.

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