Straße or Strasse?

Hello everyone! I’m new guy at postcrossing so I have a question: if I want to send a card to Germany, should I write “Straße” or “Strasse”?


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Either one should be fine, as “ß” can be replaced by “ss”. You can even short it to “Str.” if you want to :slightly_smiling_face:


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In Germany it is correct to write Straße and when you write to Switzerland, where is speaken in some parts German too you have to write Strasse.
This corresponds to the spelling rules.

But if you can’t write ß you can replace it by ss. or you can use Str.

It’s the other way around :wink: Straße in Germany and Strasse in Switzerland.


Thanks to all who responded!

Oh yes, I’m sooo sorry :flushed:
I corrected it.

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