Strangest things sent by mail?

Ever wondered what strange things actually get delivered?
I’ve just been to an art gallery here in the UK where one exhibition included things sent to the gallery by the artist and delivered by the local postal workers.

For many of the articles there was no attempt at franking the stamps, but on others the dreaded black pen was clearly evident.


When I was young, I had seen some 45 rpm records mailed in their own paper cover, without any protective envelope. The post office back then managed to deliver them intact!


Some years ago…


This is just too funny! Though, in the US, most of that stuff would probably arrive long before a postcard or letter…:upside_down_face:

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About a century ago, people used to mail kids.

Perfectly legal (if a little in the grey area of things) and because it was the most efficient way of transporting them

For more info:

(OK yes, kids are not things per se, but they still stand as one of the strangest mailed)

If we’re strictly talking things, coconuts.


some friend of mine once received a postcard made of dried squid, the kind that’s edible. I find that’s quite interesting.


Here is a cutting edge investigation into Australia Post about this topic.


I was mailed a potato once by a friend who just wanted to see if it could arrive. They didn’t tell me they were doing it either-- a bit of a shock to find a potato with two stamps and my address in sharpie sitting in the mailbox! I wonder what our postal worker thought. If I remember correctly, I ended up eating the potato.


:laughing:Call me crazy but I now want to try sending a potato to a friend!


You should do it! I bet you could even write a message on it in pen too. Potato postcards! :joy:


There’s apparently even a service for this in America-- mailaspud! :potato:


Oh my, this is crazy! :laughing: :laughing:
After watching the video @Queen_of_the_Hounds shared, I saw that the guy also mailed little packets.
So I will start off light and try to send an instant mix of hot cocoa or a tea bag. If I try, I will be sure to share the experience and how it goes!


@Graham_Beck of exploring stamps had received many flip flop through USPS, and also received many strange mails.

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It looks like a really fun exhibition! This is a really fascinating piece on a bunch of mail experiments to see what USPS will deliver. It makes me laugh every time I read it :laughing:


My friend sent me a coconut from Hawaii !


Pretty neat!
Did you eat it?

I mailed my friend in Seattle a big fake wheel of cheese. LOL


I received a letter from Postcrossing that included:
Small table decorations made out of paper
A blue feather
A printed card about the Maledives with printed text in french
A stamp recipe
A photograph of a flower
A half finished mandala
The ad card of a liqueur seller
The instructions for insoles (in french)
A book page with seafood recipes (in English)
And a handwritten note

I also ordered a 500€ graphics card where they just put a postage label on the packaging. Glad nobody stole that

I haven’t done it, but I did enquire about sending a piece of bread through the post. They replied to say that it wouldn’t survive the machine-sorting process, but I still kind of want to try.

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Would a harder bread piece (think a slice of baguette) work?