Strange notification

Why have I had this notification overnight, when I’ve never been anywhere near that page/thread because I don’t read or speak the language?

Screen Shot 2020-12-02 at 10.37.13

This post made by you was mentioned/quoted in the Japanese post. :wink:

How very inscrutable. :no_mouth:

The post is super helpful btw, where many sources were given and tips on how to navigate the new forum.

Now I’m even more confused.
It means that the Japanese person can read English, and mentioned a post written in English to other Japanese people/speakers who would then also have to be able to read English, to read it. Since therefore, they can all read English, couldn’t they have found it by themselves? :puzzled:

Plus, it doesn’t really help (if I’ve got this right), because the answer seems to be no. So which post is super helpful, @Sleep? (and as a complete non-sequitur, whenever I see your avatar I’m reminded of a row of molars :grinning: )

Yup. Or they use a translation software

Not necessarily. It could also just be a reference which they summarized, talked about in that topic etc.

Possibly but they would have to search for it and not everyone is good at finding the relevant information. I often quote informative posts in other parts of the forum, too. It can be quite helpful, I think. I’ve also been quoted already in language communities that I don’t understand. And I don’t want to know how often the Community Guidelines are quoted everywhere in the forum :wink:


Ah. It is more like ‘this is where I got the info.’
Also while many Japanese can read/understand English, it is of course more easily digested in the native tongue.
My mother always used machine translation and those are sometimes wonky, of course.
I meant to say the tips given in the Japanese thread are great. Which means your information was good too, as it was also used.

:joy: Noooo I’m mad that I can see it haha!