Still open! - Request - Exchanging postcards with students in grade 7

Hi, we are happy about every postcard that will find its way to us, but we are not expecting anything :slight_smile: So do whatever you feel like doing.

Absolutely! We love to receive cards :slight_smile:

Yes please :slight_smile: We are so happy about any postcard that finds its way to us!

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I’ll send one from England and message my address for return.

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I just wrote one and put it in the postbox
I hope it arrives well and hope kids will like it
Best wishes :slight_smile:

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Hello! There was not yet any card from Finland on your wall. I will send one to you.

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Hi Paola,

I have received already twice a card from a student in a similar topic for a class in Nürnberg and I write her just back, even if I could be her Grandma :upside_down_face:
It is fun to read that what is so normal for us —> writing a postcard, is so new for 7th graders, so I don’t want to spoil her fun and hope she will enjoy writing and receiving cards or letters as well.