Still ok?

I check my mailbox everyday. I have no cards coming in. Check my stats. Is this still normal?


Yes, its ok :hugs: First of all American post working quite slow these days, longest way have my postcards sent to America. I have sent 11 postcards, and just american one didnt reach yet. And yes, Postcrossing needs patience. No need to worry, it will come :postbox:


the stats that are more important are when the cards you’ve sent arrived, and where the cards to you are coming from.
also, mail to the usa is quite slow at the moment, i believe there’s a whole topic about it on this forum. i recently sent some cards to another forummer in the usa which took exactly a month (their mail sent to me at the same time arrived within 2 weeks).

so the key word here is patience. which is hard when you’re just starting, i know. but your cards will arrive, i’m sure of it.

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When I joined end of June, it was 5 weeks before I got my first postcard. So, you’re on track.
It wasn’t until I’d been a member for nearly three months that I felt I was in a regular groove with postcard exchange.
And the mail has slowed down even more since then … so, hang in there!
Have you considered taking advantage of swaps offered in the Forum that might be of interest to you… ?
And, if you’re short of postcards, there are many online distributors, a most recent awareness for me coming from the Postcrossing Blog: Stationery Heaven.


6 of your arrivals that send your adress into the pool happend within the last 14 days, including one of just today. So I’d say everything is perfectly fine.

And if you’re concerned about too much difference, so that you can’t send anymore - that’s activated at a wider ratio, too

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Since June I have had many expired at the USA… Now I have three expired and two that will expire soon… So sad…I hope that one day they will arrive to the recipients

I’m worried that with the US postal system as it is, the postcards are taking less priority than other mail. Possibly The postcards are being shifted around and buried under other mail when time to sort etc. I also may have people sending to me fromcountries far away, making it take so much longer to get here.

I have had 11 people receive my cards.
I have 5 , getting ready to be 6, that are traveling to people.

So, I have sent out soon to be 17, but have Only received 4.

I realize Patience is key to this hobby, but also want to make sure there isn’t something that needs addressed or fixed etc.

Thanks for listening!

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That’s interesting, I have the opposite experience. My last postcard to USA arrived in two weeks but I have been waiting for two cards from the USA for over two months :pensive:

The Covid-19-pandemic is confusing also mail systems everywhere in the world. The European mail has been delivered quite well but today I received 6 postcards from the Netherlands and only from there. The Post of Finland can’t send mail into 160 countries at the moment - because of their lock-downs. All those mails are waiting somewhere.

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Thank you for the input. I hope it gets better soon.

Oddly enough, my trades and tags get to me faster than the “officials”


But the ones that haven’t been registered don’t count. So it’s only 11. And if they were registered recently, then you need to give time to cards to get to you. So every time one of yours is registered, it’s at least a week or two or more before your card arrives.
And since you are in the USA, very little gets there quickly at the moment, as everybody has said. My cards to the USA recently take at least a month, often two. Then there was the one that took 7… Yes, months!

When I joined, I received my first card after 6 weeks because my sent ones were slow.

So there is nothing to worry about, it really varies.


I’ve recently had 2 expire - to Russia and Czenia. Sad :frowning: I hope my card to Taiwan actually arrives BUT it’s been a while as well. Not sure what is going on…just a bad run of luck I guess.