Stickers as maxicard cancellations

Hello everyone! I want to share a idea that I came up with. I personally love maxicards, but Singapore post does not issue them. Thus, I have thought about creating them myself. A maxicard consists of the postcard, the matching stamp as well as the cancellation mark relating to the two items.

However, I ran into some troubles in getting the suitable cancellation mark to make my maxicards. Thus, I came up with the idea of pasting a matching sticker, with the same colour scheme/ idea as the postcard as the cancellation mark. Here are some examples of the rabbit cards I made:

  1. Since the rabbits are standing in a field of flowers, I choose a sticker of a rabbit holding a rose.

  2. Since the rabbits are hanging sheets of cloth, I chose a sticker of a rabbit lying on a dry sheet of cloth.

  3. Since the rabbits are catching their food, I chose a sticker where the rabbits can put their food into the basket once they’re done.

What do you think of my idea? Also, what should these type of cards be called? Thanks for reading!


I bet a lot of Postcrossers would appreciate this very much, and I think they are very cute and creative!

However, I think the philatelic world would have a different feeling about it since their maxicard has quite strict guidelines.


I think they are cute! I am not sure what to call them.

how about “stixicard”? or “fauxicard”? : )

i absolutely love these! would love to recreate something similar one day, it’s a brilliant idea


I love these too! :slight_smile:

If I could choose, I would choose the postcards without the stamp and the sticker. It is not a a maxi card unless the stamp is the same (or as similar as possible).
The postcards are beautiful and the stamps are beautiful too but they do not match that much.

These are not maxicards, but could be called mail art or handmade. Here’s the long-running thread that has lots of examples…

Thank you for commenting everyone! I definitely agree that these cards are not maxicards, but I also cannot personally agree that these are handmade cards. To me, handmade cards are done by assembling/piecing/drawing/painting by yourself for the entire card, such as stamp collage cards, collage cards, hand drawn/ mixed media etc.

However, for my cards, the postcard underneath is not made by me, and I only contributed with a matching stamp and sticker. Thus, if I claim that these cards are handmade, It would be very rude to the original creators as I would be passing off their cards as my own. So, in my post, I asked for suggestions on how to name such cards.

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Altered postcard? I sometimes swap such, but then I alter more, so maybe not?
Enhanced card?

These are very cute :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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These are flippin’ adorable! I’d be delighted to get one in the post, and also try making them myself. I like the above idea of stixicard or fauxicard. Fauxicard can lend itself to other homemade maxicards (e.g. using a homemade stamp instead of a cancellation), has a nod to the name ‘maxicard’ but also makes it clear it’s fake.

I hope it’s ok to ask, do you know the artist of these postcards? They’re such a cute design!

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I bought them from a online studio called “ Marchstudio Creation”.

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I love it so much :heart_eyes: