Sticker Stamps in Japan

Hello there, postcrosser currently living in Japan here.
Japan Post makes new stamps almost every month and it is a joy to mail them.
However, many of these stamps are now new “sticker types” instead of the old style which you could peel and collect easily.
So, just a heads-up for stamp collectors, please state in your profile that you are a collector so we can avoid the stickers for you!

Happy postcrossing everyone!


Sticker stamps are refered to as pressure sensitive adhesive.

The old style are gummed stamps or water activated gum.


I’m a collector, and I like sticker stamps fine :slight_smile:
As I collect the whole envelope.

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Same as the above poster.

I’m a stamp collector, but I prefer to keep stamps on postcards.

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Japan Post uses water soluble ink in its sticker stamps so philatelic collectors who want to collect used stamps can still do so.