Stamps of Sri Lanka 🇱🇰

Hello, friends!
Postcrossers of Sri Lanka, I have a question! I’m coming to Sri Lanka soon. Where can I buy postage stamps? In any city at the post office? Perhaps there are post offices with a large assortment of stamps. I will be grateful for your help!


Yes, you can buy stamps from post offices in cities. Normally in small village post offices don’t have huge variety of stamps. But in city ones they have. I personally buy stamps from Negombo main post office which has every stamp issued since 2018 to upto date. I aso buy stamps online.


Any christmas stamps this year?

Not yet Sagar

Let me know if they release one … I would love to exchange christmas card with you.

Best regards

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Do you have a link to the Srilanka post site?

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SL Post

I have previous years’ Christmas stamps 2019, 2020 & 2021. Wonder when they will issue this year’s

Thank you very much! Have a nice day!

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