Stamps in Thessaloniki and postage in Greece

Hello dear friends. I will visit Thessaloniki this weekend. Does anyone know where can I find philatelistic products, in Thessaloniki? Could someone tell me how much costs to send a postcard or letter to European countries. Thank you in advance!

Hello! You can find stamps in any post office ELTA - EΛΤΑ.
The cost of sending a postcard worldwide is 1euro.
For the letters it depends on the weight of the envelope.


Hello! You will find the post offices under “Hellenic Post”

Here are some in the very center:


Thank you very much for the information!

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I’ll piggyback on this post :slight_smile:
do you guys know if there’s a philatelic post office, maybe – with wider selection of stamps, FDCs, and maybe special postmarks in Thessaloniki?