Stamps in Poland

Hello everyone!
Next week, I’ll be going to Poland, which I am very excited about.

When I get there, I would love to somehow get my hands on those stamps:

Does any of you know if I can just walk into a post office and ask for this stamp and they normally have it? Or should I organise and order it beforehand?

Moreover, does anyone know how much international stamps are Price-wise? I read so many different information. One also said it costs 5 Zloty, but I’m confused why the europa stamp is 4,5 Zloty then.

Thank you all very much!!

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In a normal post office, they will most likely not have it, usually there’s only a very limited selection of stamps available.

For ordering, if you are travelling next week, it might already be too late. I usually get my orders within a week but I am in Poland - unless you have a Polish address to send to, then if you order today/tomorrow, the stamps should arrive some time next week.

If you will be visiting a bigger city, your best bet would be to find the post office with a philatelistic window - they always have a big selection of stamps. In Kraków, there is one in the main post office.

International stamps are 8 złoty. 5 złoty is a veeeery old price :wink: 4,50 was the domestic priority price until end of September, now even for that you need 4,80.

To use the EUROPA stamp for abroad, you need 3,50 in additional stamps.

Btw, you can check stamp prices in the stamp prices wiki on the forum - it is usually pretty current.

If you have any other questions, let me know.


Thank you so very much!! I could maybe send the cards to my friends address in Poland!
Im also going to the cities of Gdańsk and Warsaw so maybe I have some luck at their philately shops?

And thank you very much for the stamp prices!! Didn’t expect that Poland has such high prices!!

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Here is the list of post offices with ‘extended’ offer

I usually buy Europa stamp 2022 (4,50) plus ‘polski zielnik’ or ‘Europa 2021’ (3,30) and additional 0,20 stamp to cover the postage :wink:


Ahh, I knew there was such a list somewhere, just couldn’t find it in the regular search options at the Polish Post’s website :laughing: Thank you @agajol

When you go to one of the designated post offices, you may need to ask which window (because it is usually only one) is the one specialized in philately.

Yes, well, that’s sadly the truth, we actually have one of the more expensive stamps in Europe. :sob: 8 zł has been the price for 2 years now.


Thank you two so so much for the help!!
Do you think I might get lucky in Warszawa or Gdánsk? Or is it really best to just order the stamps online?
I am just collecting all the Europa stamps this year, since it is a beautiful topic, which also fits my master thesis!! :smile: And I just found out how beautiful the polish one is!!!

Yes, I think Gdańsk and/or Warszawa should be OK.

It might be necessary to go one of these “special” post offices more than once, though - maybe it’s better in Gdańsk and Warszawa but the philately window in Kraków (it’s rather a separate “booth” in the main post office) has the weirdest and often irregular opening hours. Though if you go around midday, there really shouldn’t be any problems with getting the stamps.

If for some reason you will not get lucky, PM after your trip, I can send you a postcard with this stamp :smiley: The legend it shows is about the Wawel Dragon from Kraków :laughing:

Thank you so so much @delenn_mir and of course also @agajol!!

Then I will try my luck in Warszawa and Gdansk! :smiley:
And @delenn_mir thank you so so much for also being willing t send me a card with the stamp if I am not lucky enough and can’t find the card :heart_eyes:
Sometimes I can’t believe how lucky I am finding this community, where everyone is so helpful!!
If you ever want your hands on a Norwegian stamp, I have, I am also more than happy to send it to you! :smiley:


There is a philatelic shop in the main post office of Warsaw (ul. Świętokrzyska, 31/33). It is open from 8 AM till 8 PM at Mondays till Fridays.
They have EUROPA stamps for sure, I buy them there regularly.



I’ll also be visiting Poland soon (in November) and was just about to ask for postage rates for postcards in Poland. But then I found this thread and your super helpful link. Thanks a lot for the information given here and for sharing the link!!! :blush:

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Also thank you all so much!!! Whilst being in Poland, visiting the shop in Warszawa worked out perfectly and I received the stamps that I wished for!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: