Stamps in Belgium

Pity this topic is alredy closed for PostNL

I was wonder the same about Bpost (Belgium)
Is there a way to get older stamps and still use them?
PostOffice near me is not helpfull :frowning: even with simple task or help I asked, they are always like “NO, can’t do…” :frowning:

If someone whant to know details PM :slight_smile:
but anyway…

So can I still buy somewhere older not used stamps that are still active and can be use?
Thank you in advance for all the help!

Germanposthave a online Shop and I heard your Post have it too. But I Not know the Homepage Adresse. But Google chould help

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I found for NL but I couldn’t find anything for Belgium yet :frowning:

Do you have any auction websites? Here the auction sites are the goldmines for older mint stamps. Philatelic shops could be an option too, although they usually wants to make winning too and sell over the face value. I checked few sites quickly and it is little bit hit or miss, but there are plenty available.

Bpost has online shop too: Welkom op eShop | eShop

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Hello from Belgium :blush:

i buy my stamps at They are much cheaper then buying them at the Bpost site
I use 2 stamps with 1 value to send worldwide. You can also use older stamps but you have to calculate the value from BEF to EUR. Too much math for me :joy:
There are also older Europe and world stamps you can use For example:

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Thank you :slight_smile:
It’s just I don’t have good experience with :confused: but I will give them one more chance.

I can recommend you good stamp sellers :+1:

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