Stamps for albatrosses have expired

On my Postcrossing front page, there’s a link saying that you can send used stamps to the RSPB, to help albatrosses. However, this is not true any more because they stopped the scheme (Donate Used Stamps | Save the Albatross - The RSPB).

On the link from Postcrossing, it does not mention that this has expired and it gives an address to post stamps to. I’m worried that Postcrossers might spend money to send stamps when they will not be used. The comments on the link are closed, so I can’t write anything there - so I’m posting this message hoping that the link might be removed or changed.


This is sad to hear, but thank you for letting us know that they’ve stopped the stamp exchange scheme! We’ll make a note to remove this post and link from the homepage, so that people are not confused about it.


Not to hijack the conversation, but perhaps the site could consider highlighting other charities who still collect used stamps.

Two I found are here:


We do have a blog post about the Bethel initiative (here) but the Lions Club is new to me, so I shall investigate it! Thank you for bringing it up! :heart:

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I’ve been collecting stamps for the Lions Club for over 15 years and have donated well over 100 kg of stamps over the years. I have met the president and secretary as they’ve often picked up the stamps from my home.

Anyway I’m just confining that this is a legitimate and very worthy charity that appreciates stamps as a fundraising means.

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There is also this Facebook group in the UK, Friends Of BCRT - Postage Stamp Appeal & More!

If there is a new forum for this, please forward:

Stamp Discovery Education Program
Postal History Foundation

The PHF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation serving over 13,000 students and teachers across the country.
US and Foreign stamp donations can be sent to:

Postal History Foundation
Stamp Discovery
920 N First Ave
Tucson, AZ 85719