Stamps and Eurovision

Hello dear Postcrossers and maybe fans of the Eurovision Song contest!
I just read that Ukrain will issue a Kalush Orchestra stamp to celebrate the band, and I was wondering if other countries did so… I know that Ukrain did it for the previous winners, but didn’t find anything for the other countries; there were stamps about hosting the contest, but not a lot about the winners.
Surprisingly, the only ones I found were issued by African countries, and seem to be fake stamps, like this one.


I found these stamps from European countries too:


If someone has a stamps with the subwoolfer, please PM me! :blush: :pray: idk if they exist


I’ve received the Finnish one a long ago!

And Belarus issued a stamp dedicated to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2010.

As well as Armenia in 2011.


Norway is nowhere near that quick to put stuff on stamps, so no - there is no Subwoolfer stamp. I doubt there ever will be, the four above are the three winners and a national icon who has the most national final entries and the dubious honour of being a nul pointer at the international finals.

Ohhhh :frowning:

What a cool idea! No, unfortunately Italy never issued a stamp with Måneskin when they won the Eurovision festival - Italian Post is not so modern and open-minded. I can only imagine the reactions of our most conservative politicians, those who feel the need to post on Twitter to say that a man shouldn’t wear nail polish. And now I want a Måneskin stamp so bad :star_struck: :smile:


Year 2016

Television: one of the other stamps depicts one of the most revolutionary inventions from the era. The television as a device dates far back, but it was during this decade when the first Televisión Española (Spanish Television) broadcasts were made, opening up a new dimension in Spanish homes.

Tve eurovision


I’d almost give anything for such a stamp if it existed!! :green_heart: :white_heart: :heart: :guitar: :love_you_gesture:t2:

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You’d think the naked lady on his arm would make up for a bit of nail polish… :roll_eyes:

And here they are!


These are the only Eurovision stamps issued in Norway.

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I have found Yugoslavian issue on FDC, for organising Eurovision in Zagreb 1990.


What Is the reason of putting guns

@nellocolcol, the stamp isn’t technically specifically about Eurovision (there us no direct reference to the contest on it). It just takes advantage of Ukraine’s victory to emphasize patriotism in the war. Therefore, I see it as a parallel between the soldier and the singer, both fighting with their weapons to resist. But that is only my personal understanding.

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Thanks a lot for your view about the meaning of the stamp

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