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Before starting my post I would like to say a big thank you to Rebecca for sending me the two stamps

03.09.2021 My first “arrival” for September came from Germany. A really nice envelope with a postcard that portrays a little port and a beautiful house near the Baltic sea under the name of the city: Dierhagen. Inside the envelope except the postcard were included two stamps related with historical - important figures of Germany History (I have to admit, my favorite subject). The first stamp is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Birth of Sophie Scholl (1921-1943). She was a student and an anti-nazi activist. She was arrested with her brother while they were distributing anti-war leaflets in the controlled area of Munchen University. They were executed for political treason. The stamps portrays a photograph of Sophie under her last words before the execution:

“Such a fine, sunny day, and I have to go… What does my death matter, if through us, thousands of people are awakened and stirred to action?”

Her anti-nazism actions and texts inspired novelists, movie and documentary makers and theatrical writers. Sophie and her brother were recognised as two of the most German personalities of the twentieth century.


The second stamp or if you prefer miniature sheet was issued to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary since the Warsaw kneeling. Willy Brandt, the chancellor of West Germany during his visit in Warsaw (December 1970) surprisingly kneeled in front of a monument placed as a respect for the Ghetto’s victims of Warsaw killed by Germans. His action was an act of respect with great symbolism especially during a cold war period between East and West countries. For his act Willy Brandt was honored with the 1971 Nobel award and in 2000 the so called Kneeling scene was portrayed on a monument that is even nowadays placed in Polish capital. Except the kneeling scene on the stamp is written a short passage from the chancellor’s speech
“On the abyss of German history and under the burden of millions of murdered people, I did what people do when the language fails.”


so interesting! and l would like to here about these.

they are about Ancient Chinese mythology. each of them is a mythology story.l introduce them when l stamp it on the card.


Another week, another story. This time I would like to thank Petr for sending me this beautiful souvenir sheet from Czechia (Ceska Republika) issued in 2020. It is a really nice souvenir sheet (I cannot name it mini sheet - is not mini…). It is dedicated to famous Czech actors Jiri Sovak (1920-2000) and Vlastimil Brodsky (1920-2002). Jiri changed his surname from Schmitzer to Sovak as a protest against German Nazi and the occupation of Czechoslovakia. His career started in 1943 and he retired forty years later after playing many roles in National, Vinohrady and Burian Theatre. He had also played many comedy roles in czechoslovak television from the first days of its existence in 1953. In 2000 after a fall from his terrace and an embolism during an operation before the age of 80.


Vlastimil was a respected Czech actor and a key figure in the development of Czech cinema. He played more than 100 roles and received many awards. The most important was the Silver bear for Best Actor in 1975 Berlin International Film Festival. In 2002 after many family problems he decided to leave from the life’s stage by committing suicide at the age of 82.

The souvenir sheet is probably the biggest in size from those that I keep in my collection. It is really rich in information. It shows the two actors petting a dog and a cat. Around the stamps there are films and probably an angel. I think that is a really artistic philatelic item, a real souvenir for those two important actors. Thank you one more time, Petr.


These are lovely!
I only know some Chinese mythologies due to my parents telling me about them, such as Nezha, Jiang Ziya, Hou Yi, Chang Er, Nuwa
My parents would let me listen to stories of them, and now my sister is listening to Feng Shen Bang!


wo!! you knows a lot!! these story are known everywhere in china.but it’s hard to told foreigners! most people may seem China with pandas.dargon.kungfu . but now in China .we have more special and newest in my country.

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Do you have a set of those stamps available? And if you do what would you like to receive back for a swap?

The latest post on the Humans of New York is about a stamp maker:

Although the story is not so much about the stamp itself, it’s interesting to know a little bit more about the person behind it.


After a long, long break allow me to come back with another stamp story. Today I have received a beautiful envelope with a postcard and some lovely used stamps from Margit, a fellow postcrosser from Germany. I would like to thank her. One of the stamps looked different. It was issued by Lithuanian Post Office Services and dedicated to George Maciunas, a blessed artist born in Kaunas. When I have seen the stamp, I firstly looked the catalogue and then I try to find information about the person. I have to admit that I was really amazed and scared a little bit with the results of my little research. George Maciunas was a Lithuanian-American artist with many interests and many famous friends. One of his biggest efforts was to unite people gifted in different genres and kind of arts (please accept my apologies for my bad english) so he create Fluxus.

According to wikipedia: Fluxus was an international, interdisciplinary community of artists, composers, designers and poets during the 1960s and 1970s who engaged in experimental art performances which emphasized the artistic process over the finished product".

I found some videos about his life and an interview in which you can listen the artist to answer questions about his life, his goals and aspects of his artistic creation. Some of his photos look a bit strange so don’t judge me. If there are any Lithuanian postcrossers of any artists that know more about the artist please leave your comment and reply to this message.

Some information about the stamp now. It was issued on 4th of June 2016 with a cost of 0.75 euros. The design looks modern and shows a half portrait of the artist (a really unique face look). The other half is shaped with the word “fluxus” multiple times. It is a very modern look a like design created by T. Dragunas. It is a great addition in my collection. Thank you very much Margit.

George Maciunas’s Seattle Interview - YouTube


Thank you @Prodromos and welcome to Fluxus.
And @jeffbh for the alert!

PS: I replied to your message. This is my comment.


I only hope that @Prodromos realizes that there’s no going back.


Oh, I guess there is a going back. To start all over again. And to start all over again. And to start all over again. And to start all over again. And to start all over again. FLUX. And to start all over again. And to start all over again.


Reminds me of the story of Sisyflux…er, I mean, Sisyphus.

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