Stamp Kiosk Sadness

I needed to buy some stamps today, since I needed to get my stuff in the mail today, and our post office is sadly closed. But we have a self-service kiosk! Hooray! I know it sells standard forever stamps, so I was hoping it would give me standard postcard stamps and small denomination stamps.

Instead it individually printed me a bunch of the little QR-style labels, AFTER giving me my regular stamps.

They still will work, obviously, but I feel very sad now. They won’t be very fun to get on a letter or card. Lesson learned, I suppose. I just needed somewhere to lament my postage mistakes.


Yes, QR labels are definitely sad. :purple_heart:


To quote myself from some time ago:

“Given a choice, I wouldn’t touch postage labels with a 10 foot pole. Unfortunately in life it’s often a 12 foot pole that’s being shoved into your hands” (Seracker, 2023)

(Ha! All that APA formatting is coming back to me :crazy_face:)


Use the printed one for boring utility or credit card bills


Why mistake? If the postage is correct, everything is fine. Posrcrossing is not a site for stamp collectors. Getting nice stamps is a nice addition, but it is not required, so nothing is wrong. And finally those postagr labels will not last forever anyway. :slightly_smiling_face:


A mistake on my part-- I was really looking forward to some “normal” stamps. I’ll live, though! Just had a little moment about it :smile:


I just might have to! That’s clever

Just have some postcards professionally printed up with QR codes on the front. With the QR postage, you’ll have maxicards. (The most boring maxicards EVER).


Don’t take it too seriously!

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The’ll also need an appropriate cancellation.

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Ah, no worries, I don’t! I know the world won’t end if someone receives them on a card, but I do like the fun of matching up stamps to the themes of cards or how I decorate them, or what another person might like, so getting those when I was expecting something different was a bit of a bummer!

Plus not all of these are solely for postcrossing-- I just enjoy ‘fun’ stamps in general :grin:


I would like to see how this pain in the a… looks like.
Send one my way and you´ll get a real postage stamp from Finland :slight_smile:
PM if you´re in!

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I was wondering about it recently. We can put any graphic on the qr online bought stamps in Poland, but still… I don’t think it’s much fun. Especially if you need to print it at home and your printer is not too good and the colors just look like… ugh. As a stamp-lover (I don’t collect them, although I just admire their beauty) I would say I’d rather someone send me the postcard later with real stamps than to send them earlier with the qr stamps.
Although I get it that in some cases it’s not that easy and after all it is about postcards and connecting people.

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When you say After giving you your regular stamps, do you mean you got stamps and the QR stickers?? I’ve never tried that machine.

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PMing you! :blush:

I got forever stamps, and then all other denominations of stamps were the QR stickers. The forever stamps were a bit unique as well, though-- they have a sliver of QR on the side, next to the stamp design.

Hi, now I understand. I wondered about the machines. I guess they’re good in a pinch!

@Budgie, I suggest that you consider buying stamps from the post office website, There’s usually a very nice selection of commemorative forever stamps for letters, a couple of different kinds of postcard forever stamps, and small denominations in somewhat boring designs. There is a small postage/handling charge.

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I did buy a few batches from the site-- it’s nice, especially if they have something I can’t get from my post office. Always a bit of a bummer when I realize I can’t have them day of, though. Cest la vie-- I cope. :joy: