Stamp Collectors Preference?

I am not a stamp collector; however I always try my best to use interesting stamps for those that do collect. How do collectors prefer I place the stamps on the postcard? Do you like them neatly aligned close together or should I space them apart? Do collectors remove the stamps or keep them with the postcards?


Great questions! I’d like to know, too.

Generally I do not remove stamps from postcards; I keep the entire thing in one piece! But on an envelope, I prefer the stamps be placed far enough apart that I can clip them apart separately for my stockbooks (not too far - just far enough for scissors to fit to between them!). I would imagine people who clip stamps off of postcards would prefer the same!


For me, I like them with a small space and I don’t remove them from postcards.

I’m a collector of stamps (before the cards). The most of torn and damaged stamps are situated too close to the corners or one stamp behind another.
I prefer to receive the cards in an envelope just because of possibility to clip the stamps off.
If I love the picture of the card, I don’t remove the stamp. That stamp is not in my collection then.

For collections, the stamps have to be whole - all the teeth in perfect condition - and separately. The more space around them, the better.
Thank you for asking!


I NEVER remove stamps from cards. Never. When I place them on cards I mail out, I place them slightly below the top edge of the card.

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I’m the same. Stamps on cards (unless they’re already relatively loose) stay on. I cut out envelope stamps. I like the envelope ones close to the corner because it makes it easier to cut out, but space between the stamps is also good.

As an avid stamp collector. The only time I remove the stamps on a post card is the post cards I’m not interested in, about 3% of my post cards.
I use a clear album for my post cards so you can see the post card on both sides. If the stamp/stamps are outstanding I add the post card to my stamp album.

I too am a Philatelist. I don’t remove any of the stamps from my Postcards, it messes up the card which you would need to dunk in water to remove the stamps or at worst cut out, and you would find it almost impossible to remove self-adhesive stamps without ruining the card, there are a few exceptions ie French carnet stamps are easy to remove, GB Machins impossible.
The Postcard makes a journey which includes the stamps and the Postmark, that’s the Postal history, sometimes there are vignettes ( extra Postmarks or celebration stickers ) and of course the wonderful artwork and messages Postcrossers use. For me it would be a shame to compromise the card as it was originally sent but then I’m a purist.
Try and locate the stamps top right corner one mm in from the edge, make sure it ( they ) is (are) completely stuck down as one rising corner can ruin the stamp if it enters an automated sorter resulting in a damaged corner or tear. I always try and get hand-stamped Postmarks but I know that is not possible everywhere. You can ask at your Post Office if they will handstamp for you.
Of course, many folks don’t mind what the stamps look like but it’s great to make a neat job if you can and add to the artistic appeal of that little piece of cardboard as it enters the big wide world of " The Post " and brings a smile to the recipient.
Best Wishes, D :honeybee: