Stamp collecting advice

so I love stamps and I noticed I am not only one :slight_smile:

I started collected not so long ago, but now as my collection is growing I thought maybe some more advanced collectors would like to share their experiences and “tricks”.
Also to show off their collections, if they would like. :slight_smile:

So my question would be how you organizate your collection?
How you sort the stamps?
Do you focuse on the team or countries?
Also how do you find strength to say goodbye to stamps against the “hamster effect”*?

*“hamster effect” - the uncontrolled force to collect more and more :wink:


Just collecting you like.


I create and collect maxicards. I also collect any stamp I get and like. Priority for the stock albums.

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I started collecting this year as well. So please take my advise with a grain of salt. I went through the following phases:

  1. My mother’s country
  2. The country I currently live in
  3. Countries I visited or histories I love
  4. Events like the Astronauts, Carnival in Brazil
  5. Categories like Madonna and Child, Christmas art, automobiles, etc.

Good luck!

  1. I collect my themes - Football, Chess, Space, etc
  2. Initially I thought of collecting my country, but not anymore. But, I keep on changing my mind, haha.
  3. I store my stamps in a stamp album and I have limited space, so I use the excess either for trades or crafts. It is not so difficult once you start doing int :stuck_out_tongue:

That depends on you. I gather every stamp I can get but the most organized and full albums are the ones from some of the german speaking countries. I didn’t plan it. I used to collect mainly Portugal but stamps became rare here since 20 years ago (now I can get only 2 or 3 used stamps… per year!!! :sob: ).

Then Postcrossing happened and the first countries I got in touch with was Switzerland and Germany. One day I realized the stamps I was more interested in were the ones from these 2 countries and I also realized I had a lot of stamps from Liechetenstein and Austria too. So they became my special collections.

I also collect stamps with foxes cause that’s also my main postcards collection. :fox_face: And I collect maxicards. And you see the hamster effect! :rofl: :rofl:

You choose what is/are your favorite subject(s)!! :sunglasses:

You can check what stamps are available on physical stamps albums or search online. I use this one: Europa catálogos de selos | StampWorld

There’s another site, older than this, but I can’t find it now. :woman_shrugging:t4:

Good luck!!! :sunglasses:


Check out this youtube channel:


It has some good information for beginners.


Yes, I have my favorite :slight_smile: Like ships, trains, cosmos exploration, cats :slight_smile: Making this thread I wanted to make a place to discuss your experiences and stamps as a hobby/collection. :slight_smile:

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Yes, I am in similar situation ^^
As I am currently in Belgium I am collecting stamps, from here but my country of birth is Poland so I feel nostalgic seeing those stamps and I am collecting them if I have opportunity ^


Making this thread I wanted to make a place to discuss your experiences and stamps as a hobby/collection.
Yes, I have my favorite :slight_smile: Like ships, trains, cosmos exploration, cats :slight_smile: and more :scream:
Ah I forgot to add Japanese stamps, love them :smiley:

Thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:
I still have space on my shelves, my collection is not big but I have really problem to say goodbye to stamps :wink:
I am struggling more with the working area :confused: So I have pack of stamp to sort but limited space to do it.

Thank you for the link :slight_smile:
Sometimes it feels that I have to much interests + hamster effect = “catch them all”
What is of course impossible ^^
It is difficult to me just keep few teams >.>

But I saw some of you are changing your POI, so maybe I just need time to decide :slight_smile:

Yes, thank you, it is good chanel :slight_smile: I saw few entries.

Just found this:

Pity I don’t have so much working space :frowning:


This is insane number of stamps :rofl::rofl:


I collect by theme, as well, but I have been pondering something I recently read from another collector. Collecting the stamps issued in the year of your birth. It’s really got me thinking :thinking:


Do let me know if you excess Polish stamp. My husband is Polish. And I would love to collect stamps from that country.


Wow! Indeed very interesting idea!
Now you gave me another POI ^^

At Polish Post you can still make subscription/or buy stamps even if you do not live in Poland :slight_smile: If you want to suprise your hubby make him a subscription! So he can get all yearly issues.
I hope they will keep this way as more and more countries only allowe suscriptions if you have an address in this country.


@Nekotek , I am a serious collector. I participate in exhibitions and won a few national and 1 international awards. Having said so, got 2 awards at the recently concluded National level stamp exhibition (15th of August,2022).

I have shared my experiences in the below blog posts, if you want any more help, please contact me. I am happy to help you.



Congratulation! :tada: :love_letter:

I will make sure to read your blog! :slight_smile: Thank you for sharing!
Always open to learn!

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How cool is that! I wish there were more subscription services as well!

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Thank you for sharing! What an interesting read!


I thought these were fairly common, but it’s certainly not something I’ve looked into. I subscribe to Aaland Islands though.

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No not all countries are offering this anymore…
Japan, the Netherlands, France ( those I was interesting in) as far as I know doesn’t offer them outside the borders.

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