Special postmarks in the US?

Hi! I am taking a trip from illinois to florida and was wondering if there were any places people knew of on the way or in Florida/Illinois where i could get a special postmark cancellation on my cards. I know there is one in Key West but i wont be going that far south.
Any suggestions?
Here is a vague route map, through Nashville, Atlanta, and ending in central Florida.

Example of what im looking for:

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


USPS has a section for bulletins and they feature the pictorial postmarks.

Here is the most recent bulletin link which is mostly xmas (but you might look thru older bulletins)

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Many people will mail their Christmas cards from Christmas, FL, on SR 50 between Orlando and Titusville. I don’t know when it starts, but during Christmas season they use a special Christmas postmark unique to this post office.


if you are just looking for cancelmarks, not just postal cancelmarks, i would suggest looking into stoping at places long your route (national parks and monuments). you do the work yourself - put the mark on a postcard - what i do is buy a postcard form the place and cancel it with one (and some locations have more than one cancelmark) on the card. show that you had visit this place - and can use them to send out to people (if you buy more than one card) as some postcrossers do this them. here is a link to the list of all locations which a “passport cancellation”. download it and see what cross your path.


I love my NPS passport book, never thought to use the stamps on postcards!

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This is so much learning experience. I am not sure who can help here but I am looking for such a postmark for my daughter’s next exhibit so that she can prepare it and participate in the next exhibit. Happy to give more details if any one need
My request for the same is here :