Special postmarks in the US?

Hi! I am taking a trip from illinois to florida and was wondering if there were any places people knew of on the way or in Florida/Illinois where i could get a special postmark cancellation on my cards. I know there is one in Key West but i wont be going that far south.
Any suggestions?
Here is a vague route map, through Nashville, Atlanta, and ending in central Florida.

Example of what im looking for:

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


USPS has a section for bulletins and they feature the pictorial postmarks.

Here is the most recent bulletin link which is mostly xmas (but you might look thru older bulletins)

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In Florida is the smallest postoffice of the USA.


Many people will mail their Christmas cards from Christmas, FL, on SR 50 between Orlando and Titusville. I don’t know when it starts, but during Christmas season they use a special Christmas postmark unique to this post office.


if you are just looking for cancelmarks, not just postal cancelmarks, i would suggest looking into stoping at places long your route (national parks and monuments). you do the work yourself - put the mark on a postcard - what i do is buy a postcard form the place and cancel it with one (and some locations have more than one cancelmark) on the card. show that you had visit this place - and can use them to send out to people (if you buy more than one card) as some postcrossers do this them. here is a link to the list of all locations which a “passport cancellation”. download it and see what cross your path.


I love my NPS passport book, never thought to use the stamps on postcards!