Special Handstamp

Hi! I’m new here and just bought some PHQ postcards with matching stamps and special postmarks.

I was wondering that if I send the card, is the stamp considered already cancelled, or can it be added to the postage?

In China, such stamps on new postcards or first-day covers are considered unused. So I wonder if that’s the same in the UK :smiling_face:

When stamps are “cancelled to order”, as in the card that you show, they cannot be postally used years later - so to use in Postcrossing you would have to put them in an envelope and pay the current postage rate.


Thank you! That make sense.

Yes you would need to add additional postage, as the stamp(s) have been cancelled, same applies to UK made maxicards, the stamp on the front which has been cancelled with a postmark cannot be used for forward postage of the card.