Special Cards

Where do you buy your special cards? I’ve been looking for unusual postcards for a long time and can’t find anything that satisfies me.

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I found some nice ones on cafe press, postallove, and postcards market. Maybe you’ll find some you like there too.


I have found some very cool and unique cards at antique stores


I buy (and design) most of my cards on Zazzle. Designers from around the world create products there so you never know what you will find - or you can even design your own.

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Come to Munich,we’ ve a lot here…

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In #communities:german-deutsch you can find a topic with a lot of postcard shops in the whole country and the neighbouring ones :arrow_right: [ :postcard:-KAUF] Kartenläden im deutschsprachigen Raum

If you are looking for cards in other countries maybe you can look for shops in this category :arrow_right: #postcard-mail:where-to-get-postcards

And here is a topic with Online shops all over the world :arrow_right: Online shops (wiki)

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