Spanish History Postcards

Hello Spanish Postcrossers!

My 15 year old son, Joe, is completely excited about Spanish history! It all started on our summer vacation when we saw a fascinating Basque display at a museum…And it just seems to have exploded and expanded to all things revolving around Spanish history.

If you happen to have a postcard relating to something historical, I would love to swap cards with you…You would definitely make his day! If you have a special request and I have it, I will happily swap with you for any Spanish history related card.

Thank you for considering my request/swap.

Wishing you a happy Day.


I can send you some postcards related to the history of Spain.

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Hi can send you one too!

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I would aslo like to send your son some postcards about Spain and its history.


Hi! I send you DM

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Hello! Is this still available?