Souvenir Stamps in Taiwan (台北,台中和台南的紀念印章)

Hey there! I was wondering if any Taiwanese people could recommend places to get tourist souvenir stamps around famous attractions, as I would be going there over the Christmas Holidays (WooHoo!)

These are some of the places I would be going to at least in Taipei: Dihua Street, Beimen area, SongShan and Wufenpu shopping district, Ximending, and maybe the Huaxi and Guangzhou Night Market. Any recommendations on souvenir shops around that that provide these stamps?

I do know that Taipei has the famous souvenir stamps at every MRT station, but do I really need to tap out of the MRT gantry just do get to the stamping station? Or is there another way around this? All responses are greatly appreciated here, thanks!

親吻有沒有台灣人認識到台北,台南和台中出名的地方是否擁有紀念印章,或是獨特賣紀念品的小店可以去參觀? 我會在聖誕假期遊覽這三個城市:)

我會在臺台北經過迪化老街,北門市區,松山的饒河夜市,五分埔, 華西和廣州夜市,以及最出名的西門町,有沒有可以介紹的地方找到印章嗎?

我也知道台北的地鐵每個車站有獨特的紀念印章,而我需不需要從地鐵站出來才可以找到印章嗎?或有其他辦法?希望你們能幫幫我吧。 謝謝:)

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I think most attractions have them, if you just ask. I remember coming upon them in surprisingly unexpected shops because I didn’t realize how popular they were. I didn’t get many metro ones on my trip because I was in a hurry most times I was in the metro.

Two that were good for souvenirs were The Red House in Ximen and Hayashi Department Store in Tainan.

Here are some blog posts that might help (I just used Google translate):

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I am not from Taiwan, but I was in Taiwan for travel in 2014. So I found some pictorial postal marks in souvenir stores near tourist spot.I hope this can help you!

Update: I got these information from local people online!!!
1.Keelung Ai’san Rd. Post Office
2.No. 51號, Guilin Rd, Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan 108(Near Beimen area)
3.No. 221號, Sec 2, Zhi Shan Rd, Shilin District, Taipei City, Taiwan 111

You can just copy and paste them into google map

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Hi, I moved the topic to Chinese - 汉语 / 漢語 , hoping for the community to help.

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Chihkan Tower and Anping Castle have. They are in Tainan. I’m Taiwanese, but I don’t know where have stamps, I think monuments all have. If you were already leave for your country, maybe you can go there next Christmas​:rofl::rofl: