South Korea: Philately Information

Hello! I’m going there on a trip and would like to purchase some maxicards, stamps and some other philatelic stuff so I would like to ask some questions!

  1. Where can we buy philatelic items offline? I know there is the Korea Postage and Stamps Museum, but wanted to check if there are any others (Busan/Seoul) :slight_smile:
  2. What can we buy there? How many issues do they keep at the store? (within the same year?)
  3. Can we stamp and make our own maxicards, and do they only keep the latest issue’s postmark available for stamping? This is because Singapore only keeps the latest issue’s postmark available for stamping, so I wanted to make sure!

Thank you :slight_smile:


In Seoul there is a popular off line stamp shop named Stamp love (Woopyo Sarang) located in the heart of Seoul. They sells almost all South Korea stamps, and of coz these years new issue with a good price.
Here is their website:

Hope this helps and not too late for u.